WHAT I ATE TO LOSE 42 LBS | WEIGHT LOSS MEAL PLAN FOR WOMEN | full day of eating + healthy recipes

welcome back to my channel i have got areally exciting video for you guys todayi’ve put together a weight loss mealplan for you guys and it’s reallycustomizable there are so many deliciousnew recipes and snacks in this videothat i’m going to show you i’ll beshowing you three main meals breakfastlunch and dinner as well as three snacksi’ve also got an amazing low caloriechocolate coffee drink so good i’m gonnashow you how to make all of theserecipes gluten and dairy free i think

but i’m gonna show you a vegan optionfor that too you can choose any of themeals and snacks from this video to geteither 1200 1400 1600 or 1800 caloriesper day i’m going to show you how tocustomize it at the end of this videolet’s just get started each meal will beroughly 400 calories and each snack willbe roughly 200 calories i’vespecifically created these meals andrecipes to be low in calories but tostill be filling to give you goodsustained energy these recipes are all

good protein and healthy fats justremember even with weight loss caloriesare not bad calories are actually reallygood and they’re good for us we needthem every day for energy and to behealthy it’s all about the small habitsthat you can be consistent with overtime that build up and create realresultsfor breakfast we are making healthyapple pie oatmeal it’s really easy tomake gluten and dairy free andplant-based first i mix half a cup of

hot water together in a small pot if youwant extra fluffy creamy oats you canpre-soak this for five to ten minutesbefore you cook it and if you do thatit’s actually quicker to cook the oatsbut you can start cooking them rightaway if you want to that’s just an extratip i’m cutting up one apple into smallpieces you can leave the peel on or youcan remove it either one works and i’vealso left a few slices on the side thati’ll be using as a toppingi pre-soaked the oats for about five

together cutting up the apple and theoats have gotten really fluffy as youcan see because i did that it’s gonnacook really quickly now once it’sstarted cooking i add the chopped appleinto it and after a few minutes ofcooking the apple gets nice and soft andit’s ready it’s a really nice quickbreakfast which is one of the reasonsthat i love it so much it’s also reallynice and filling really keeps me going imix half a teaspoon of coconut oil intoit after cooking this also helps to make

with a teaspoon of coconut sugar you canuse any sugar or sweetener that you likeor just leave it out if it’s sweetenough you’re ready with the apple somecinnamon and i love to add the tiniestpinch of nutmeg to me it makes it tasteso much like apple pie but the cinnamonby itself also just works great then i’mbreaking some walnuts into it i’m usingabout eight walnut halves i leave one ortwo on the side to use as a topping andi break the rest up into the oatmealgive it a stir and serve it into a bowl

that i kept aside you know just foraesthetics just to make it look good andbreaking up the lift of walnuts on topwith just a little extra sprinkle ofcinnamon if you use the amount ofingredients that i did it should beroughly 380 calories that leave someroom to make it 400 calories if you wantto add extra sweetener on top of that sothat’s a great healthy breakfast andit’s a great amount even if you’retrying to lose weight i really find itgives me lasting energy throughout the

posted this recipe on my blog for youguys at lieselgene.com if you want tocheck it out there i’ll link that belowfor you the breakfast that i showed youtoday in this video is actually from myebook just breakfast i created therecipes in this ebook specifically tohelp you to kickstart your weight lossin the morning i just feel like yourbreakfast sets the tone for your entireday of eating and how you move forwardin your day between us i’m just aslikely to make one of these recipes from

likely as i am for breakfast there’smore than 50 healthy low calorie recipesin it so if you’re looking for some newbreakfast recipes some weight lossrecipes i’ll link that below for you[Music]i’m gonna show you a really easy healthyhot chocolate coffee drink that is only40 calories something that’s low incalories is really not going to affectyour weight loss so this is basically afree item you can add to your meal planthat can be a little pick-me-up a treat

it’s plant-based i add one heap teaspoonof instant coffee to a mug i use thisfreeze-dried decaf one you can use anykind one teaspoon of cocoa powder oneteaspoon of coconut sugar you can useany sweetener or sugar that you like ilike coconut sugar i add a small amountof hot water and mix it up to get rid ofany lumps and then i add more hot wateri’m estimating about one cup of hotwater in total and then i add about halfa cup of unsweetened almond milk thebrand i like to use is about 17 18

you can use any milk that you like andthat’s itthat’s the recipe it’s so easy to makeand so yummy it’s a great mid-morningpick-me-up or mid-afternoon pick-me-up iwas drinking my hot chocolate coffeeoutside and look who arrived raccoonsleethe resident squirrel that lives at thehouse that i’m currently renting she wasquite interested in my drink but i gaveher a walnut and a shell as a littlesnack we bought these nuts in the shells

[Music]for lunch i’m going to show you thisreally yummy healthy plant-basedsandwich it’s my new favorite lunch andit’s really easy to make i’m using halfa purple onion slicing it up you can usea regular brown onion too i’m reallyinto these purple onions right nowthey’re like sweet get that cooking in apan on the stove with a small amount ofcooking oil sprayi like to use avocado oil and it’s niceto get the onion a little bit

one medium red bell pepper and addingthat to the pan too once the onion hasstarted to cook this is going to beenough for two to four servings so thisis something i like to meal prep andthen it’s a really quick and easy lunchto throw together but i’m showing youhow to make everything now so oneserving would be about a quarter of anonion or less depending on how much youlike to use and about quarter to half abell pepper i’ll have extra for lunchtomorrow and the next day so while

beans drain and rinse the beans i’mactually adding them to a container andmeasuring out about a half a cup to abowl i’m showing you how to make oneserving but what i usually do is maketwo servings at once and then i’ll havethe other serving for the next day butfor each serving i use half a cup ofblack beans smash that in a bowl withthe back of a forkit doesn’t have to be perfect just roughand then i’m adding one teaspoon ofolive oil and one teaspoon of this

favorite you can use any kind of spicysauce that you like though and if youhate spicy sauce then just leave it outand you can add a bit of dried oregano ialso add some paprika that’s optionali’m just i just really like paprikaand some salt and some pepper and somelime juice definitely add the lime juicemix that up it really i know it reallydoesn’t look that great right now but ittastes really great in a sandwich youwill see so keep that aside for now i’mpeeling and cutting up some cucumber to

sandwich recipe but i try to sneak someextra veggies inwhere i can and i love cucumber slicesso i’m having them on the side it’s areally great little thing that you canthrow into this meal plan i’m justadding that to my plate so long and ijust keep tossing the vegetables on thestove as they cook when they’re done iadd some lime juice some salt and somepepper just a little bit and it’s prettyquick to cook like this in a pan itdoesn’t take long at all i’m serving

and i’ll keep the rest of it in thatcontainer in the fridge for meal prepi’m using two slices of bread andtoasting them this is the whole grainraw bread that i love that i always usebut you can use any kind of bread thatyou like use a gluten-free one if youare gluten-free this bread is reallydense and filling it’s about 120calories per slice most breads are about60 calories per slice so if you havebread that’s about 60 calories a sliceyou can use four slices of bread so this

allows for a lot you’re not gonna gohungry i have to cut my bread slices inhalf because they’re really really bigand they don’t fit into the toastertoasting the bread is optional i like todo that i add some of the spicy blackbeans on top of each slice it’s enoughfor four slices of bread and then youcan use as much of the vegetables as youlike on top as i said i use about aquarter to half of the amount that i’vemade and i’ll use the leftovervegetables and beans tomorrow for lunch

top it goes really nicely with this witha few fresh leafy greens also optionalbut it adds a nice touch makes it lookprettier add some extra greens into yourdiet really easy to make and it’s eveneasier to make if you’ve meal preppedthe vegetables and even the beans if youmade this how i made it using theamounts that i used the sandwich isaround 400 caloriesif you add some extra cucumber slices orsomething like that it adds aboutanother 20 calories it’s not a lot at

having here i’m just mentioning thecalories if you want to knowa super yummy healthy popcorn snack i’llbe showing you three different snackoptions in this video all of them areroughly 200 calories each so you can mixand match the snacks as you like i’madding 1 8 of a cup of popcorn kernelsto this microwave air popper it takesplus minus 2 minutes in the microwave topop you don’t need oil or anything withan a popper and the air poppers arepretty inexpensive you can get them on

done i’m serving that in a bowl andadding about a teaspoon of coconut sugaryou can use any sugar you like againsome cinnamon a bit of sea salt and thenrandom but it’s actually really goodit’s a good combination i added about 10cashew nuts a really fun yummy healthysnack it takes less than five minutes tomake it about 200 calories great for aweight loss snack great for a healthysnack it’s got some good whole carbs init from the air popped popcorn a bit ofhealthy fats and plant protein from the

for dinner we are makingsomething really good ihave been enjoying this for dinner we’remaking a mediterranean-inspired olivechicken with oven-baked potato wedgesand green beans this might sound likecomplicated and a lot but it’s not i’mgoing to show you step by step how tomake everything and i’ll also give you avegan option for the chicken i’m makingextra for meal prep so you’re going tosee me make more but for one portionyou’ll need roughly 200 grams of potato

however many meals you’d like to prepyou can cut the potato into wedge shapesor thick strips you can cut them howeveryou want i’m cutting them into sort ofthick wedge potato chip type things i’musing about four potatoes to make extrafor meal prep or about four portions intotal they didn’t all fit onto one trayand i don’t know what i was thinking ineeded a second tray i should have justdivided them equally between the twotrays but for some reason i loaded upthe one tray and then i left the other

anyway i added paprika salt and pepperto season the potatoes i’m reallyenjoying paprika at the moment you don’thave to add that you can use any spicesyou like oregano is also really good andi add that to an oven preheated to about380 degrees fahrenheit which is about190 degrees celsius and you can bakethat for about 40 to 60 minutes or aslong as it needs until it’s soft insidestarting to get a little bit crispy onthe outside that’s how i like them theni’m getting some green beans ready i’m

steamer i’ve done extra for rob as wellas i’m making dinner for him too but youcan do about 100 grams of green beansfor one portion so i’m not putting thaton yet i’m just setting that aside fornowyou can also use zucchini or broccoliinstead of the green beans if you preferthat and now i’m making themediterranean inspired marinade saucefor the chicken i’m slicing up abouteight kalamata olives into very finelittle pieces adding them to a small

teaspoon of oil i’m using avocado oilyou can use any kind about twotablespoons of coconut aminos or soysauce one teaspoon of maple syruppaprika again you can leave that outsome dried chili flakes just a fewdepending on how spicy you like itsome salt and some pepper and you canadd a squeeze of fresh lime juice toofresh lime juice just makes the flavorspop you can keep that marinade aside fornow and check the potatoes to see howthey’re doing you can turn them or toss

them back in the oven to finish cookingif they’ve still got a while to go thenjust go do something else come back whenthey’re ready when the potatoes areabout 10 minutes out you can turn thesteamer on to get the green beanscooking and you can get the chickencooking i’m heating a pan and addingsome chicken tenders to a pan you canuse skinless boneless chicken breastmeat and cut that into strips you canuse roughly 120 grams of chicken breastmeat per serving i’m making extra for

so for a vegan option you can use extrafoam tofu roughly 180 grams it’s goingto be brand dependent on the caloriesand i recommend using the cookinginstructions on the brand that you geton how to cook them in a pan you can usethe same marinade sauce that i’ve madewhat i’ve actually been doing is cookingthe chicken strips in a pan with no oilno sauce this way they don’t burn but itmakes the chicken nice and crispywithout burning it’s it’s really goodand i just leave it cooking on the one

cooking i flip them over near the endand then that one side’s so crispy andthen i add the sauce and then it goesreally quickly because it’s mostlycooked look at how juicy and crispy thatlooks that’s because i crisped them upso once the potatoes are done you cantake them out of the oven if you use theamounts that are recommended per portionyour meal should be roughly 400 caloriesso i’m serving some for myself here onmy plate and also some for rob but imade enough for about four portions so

if you want to do the calories of thismeal plan you can use about 200 grams ofthe raw potato for one serving as i saidearlier then i’m serving the green beansand then i’m serving some of the olivechicken for each of us when i serve thechicken out i take some of the sauce andthe olives from the pan and drizzle themover the chicken too and if you want touse the calorie guard for this meal planyou’d use roughly 120 grams of the rawchicken and if you did the vegan optionyou’d be serving the tofu out for

extra foam tofu depending on the brandwhat i really like to do the next daywith the leftovers of the potato and thechicken is cut them up and throw theminto a salad with some leafy greens somecucumbers some avocado olive oil a bitof lime juice there’s so many differentcombinations you can do but it adds somuch to the salad it’s really good andthat’s dinner it’s really filling it’snutritious it definitely keeps me goingand it’s roughly 400 calories using theamounts that i mentioned i’ve really

making baked fries wedges so much ladyso depending on how hungry you’refeeling or depending on the calories youwanted to have in your meal plan youmight want to have another snack i’mgoing to show you two more snack optionsthis one is very basic and simple buti’ve been loving it so much i thoughti’d include it i’ve been eating a lot oforanges lately i’m going through anorange phase i guess you could say ilove to cut up an orange and have it ina bowl with some vanilla yogurt

good i use vanilla coconut yogurt i useeither the vanilla kalina yogurt or theso delicious unsweetened vanilla coconutyogurt i always go back to that one butyou can use any kind of yogurt dairy orplant-based i’m using a vegan oneif you use one large extra large orangethat’ll be roughly 100 caloriesyou can use another fruit like onemedium banana or one pair those willalso be roughly 100 calories i’ve beenbuying these giant oranges they’re sojuicy

hundred calorie serving of whateveryogurt you use so that’s what i’veserved out and that’s really going to bebrand dependent on theamount that you’re going to serve that’sgoing to be roughly 100 calories withthe snack you’re getting some extravitamin c some healthy fats some fiberand it’s roughly 200 caloriesthis is another 200 calorie snack or alittle dessert it’s so simple to makebut it’s actuallyquite a fun little snack dessert using

mini banana split i’m cutting one bananain half lengthways and i’m adding abunch of toppings so you can do eitherone tablespoon of almond or peanutbutter and a drizzle of maple syrup likehalf a teaspoon some cinnamon a few darkchocolate chips or you can do thecombination of one teaspoon of almond orpeanut butter a teaspoon of maple syrupdrizzled on topcinnamon and about one tablespoon ofdark chocolate chips you can even throwa few unsweetened coconut flakes on top

so if you do less almond or peanutbutter you can go crazy with thechocolate chips things like that if youdo either one of those combinationsyou’ll have roughly 200 calories or justover i’ve used peanut butter here andsome lilies dark chocolate chips they’resweetened with stevia it’s a nice littlehealthier snack or dessert i like to usequite a wrap banana as it’s much sweeterand that’s another snack option that’sroughly 200 calories so you can mix andmatch these snacks as you like i’m also

three-day eating plan on my blog you cango download it and get it there if youhaven’t already i know a lot of you guyshave downloaded that already but if youhaven’t i’m going to link below for youand you can go get it there and it’sgoing to be another exampleof a healthy weight loss meal plan thisone you can download and you can keep iton your phone or on your ipad or anydevice that you have in case you’relooking for some more healthy ideas orinspiration i’m gonna link a few more

below for you some playlists that i’vemade one of them contains a whole lot ofmeal plans that i’ve done on youtubethey’re gonna be similar to this videothat you just watched i’m also going tolink below for you a playlist that’sgoing to help you to kick-startyour health goals and your fitness goalsmake sure you subscribe if you haven’talready and like this video if you didenjoy it and don’t forget to turn on thenotifications if you haven’t alreadyi’ve got a lot of exciting videos coming

really want to help you guys tokickstart your health and fitness goalsso turn on the notifications stay tunedfor my next video and i will see youthenkeep in mind that we’re all differentand so every person has differentcalorie needs to lose weight in ahealthy wayif you’d like to follow a 1400 caloriediet you can prepare all of the threemain meals that i showed you in thisvideo and choose one of the healthy

diet you can have all three meals eachday and just leave out the snacks but atleast i’ll have the low calorie hotchocolate coffee i mean it’s only 40calories it’s basically a free item fora 1 600 calorie diet you can have allthree meals and choose two of the threesnacks so that you’d have three mealsand two snacks per day and for a 1 800calorie diet you can have all threemeals and all three snacks as i showedyou in this video for whatever caloriemeal plan you’re going for you can add

coffee as a free item keep in mind thatsomething as small as 40 calories isbasically irrelevant it’s not going tothrow your whole day of eating off inany way calories are not bad caloriesare actually really good for us we needthem for energy and to be healthy youdon’t need to be scared of them so thatyou can mix and match the meals and thesnacks i’ve made all three mealsbreakfast lunch and dinner all roughly400 calories while i’ve made all of thesnacks roughly 200 calories each this is

people who are trying to lose weightit’s only intended for short-term uselong-term calorie restriction is not agood idea and i always recommendstarting with more calories per day evenif you’re trying to lose weight i try tobe consistent with small habits likedrinking lots of water daily and eatingvegetables every day it’s really aboutthe small habits that you can beconsistent with over time that builds upand creates results for gettinghealthier or for losing weight as always

doctor your gp your physician or yourdietitian to see if this meal plan orone like this is suitable for you andyour personal health needs and goalswe’re all different so keep that in mind

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