Seiso Meaning is Seiso Japanese

Seiso/Shining: This meaning is Japanese for cleaning the work place and all equipment.

The objective of Seiso is to clean work place where by using the senses you detect possible problems before they happen. The Seiso meaning creates a better workplace, once you have eliminated the clutter and junk that has been disrupting your work areas and tagged and located the necessary items, the next step is to eliminate these items and clean the work area.

Seiso is a Japanese word meaning cleaning. Cleaning aids in the modern day work environment, improving productivity by creating a well maintained working environment. The world we live in today is one in which our focus has widened compared to previous generations. With numerous notifications vying for our attention and many distractions around us at all hours of the day, it is important that we find a routine that helps us keep an open mind and stay focused on what matters.

The Seiso meaning is a word with little literal translation into English. But, it carries significant meaning across many eastern cultures where it has been used as a method of cleaning and organization for centuries. In the past decade Seiso has gained popularity in Western cultures by means of new business practices and techniques, which are being shown to be highly effective.

There are 5s of Kaizen. it can be used in the workplace, in Life

The 5S of Kaizen

In business, we say that there are 5 ‘S’ words for Kaizen. 5S itself has in fact grown to become something of a shorthand in business.

So what are the 5S? Well, they are:

Seiri/Sorting: This means that you keep your work in the
designated area and keep it organized.

Seiton/Systematic Arrangement: This means that you arrange
your items in the optimum manner for efficient retrieval. This is
extremely important for logistics and storage businesses for
instance, and we see it in valet parking also!

Seiso/Shining: This means cleaning the work place and all
equipment. This can reduce errors further down the line.

Seiketsu/Standardizing: This means using standard processes
that can be repeated, tested, and fixed.

Shitsuke/Sustaining: This means that you must maintain
adherence to the previous four S.

Kaizen, is the philosophy of using small steps, or contributions, that work towards a big change, or ‘big picture’. It focuses on you and me, the individuals that form part of a small business, corporation and even a country. It encompasses the little things that can be changed by each one of us, on the path to becoming better, healthier, fitter Human Beings.

This is achieved by concentrating and improving on the little things that with time, effort and consistency, add up to a way of life, creating success almost effortlessly. To get to this point, we have to conquer our bad eating habits, cogitating, lack of activity and stress.


The Kaizen Advantage

We have to take small, but steady steps towards achieving our goals, no matter what they might be! We can use the power and effectiveness of Kaizen, to accomplish all of this.
Kaizen is a long term commitment. It takes a long term view and the most important principles are that it is a daily, continuous and steady exercise. It is not important that huge and sudden improvements are made. Small improvements are great and it is important that you continually look at ways of making things better, no matter how small. You know the saying, “if it works, why change it?” Well, the Kaizen philosophy suggests that there are always ways to improve things, no matter how small that these changes may be.


While this system was originally designed for manufacturing once
again, it can work just as well in any other type of business OR
many aspects of your personal life.

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