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When I was my heaviest, I was 485 pounds, was an emotional eater so if I was said ate if I was happy I ate if there are celebrations I ate as  I was a prisoner of my own body I could barely walk a block without being out of breath or climb stairs you know I had to save my own life didn’t think I was going to live to see 30, so I lost 312 pounds.

I have always been overweight my entire life, I didn’t do anything but go to work come home sit on my couch and eat every single day and it just it wasn’t living I was just existing I was a prisoner in my own body knew nothing about nutrition I knew nothing about cooking healthy I knew nothing about portion control I would say I probably ate over 6000 calories a day

With being fatigued all the time could barely walk a block without being out of breath or climb stairs I was afraid to die think between me and Lexie just overindulged on food, large stuffed crust pizza, bread sticks, wings, mountain dew, mountain dew and just binge watch Netflix and just overeat.  My wedding day should have been the best day but people definitely walked in they gave me looks just because of my size almost like I wasn’t worthy of getting married just because I so overweight and wasn’t living, I was just existing so after all those moments added up was just fed up and then I set a new year’s resolution January 1st 2016 and that’s when it all changed had to save my own life because didn’t think I was going to live to see 30 and now I’ll be 30 next year

And then at my lowest I weighed 173 pounds I usually go to the gym about six times a week I try to mix it up, so I don’t get burnt out and quit. My husband joined me on my weight loss journey, and I also started documenting my journey on Instagram never expected to have a following just wanted to help one person so to be able to help 1.2 million plus Danny being able to help plus doing it together it’s cool.

We are not just sitting on the couch, not talking, we’re out walking running biking we are active we lost 407 pounds together so these are my 485-pound clothes, and I am now half of that and to look at these clothes it’s just a reminder of how far I came and the path that I was at one point heading down I had a lot of excess skin I knew it was going to happen going into my weight loss journey

I’ve been left with a lot of battle wounds which is okay after losing all my weight we are going rock climbing which I’m nervous about because I’ve never been rock climbing there’s no way I could have rock climbed up my heaviest, God I was scared but I did it because you got to keep trying that’s all that matters, I think that ultimately it’s good to find somebody no matter where you’re at in your journey um surround yourself with positive people start small and small changes will add up to big results and just never give up because you only fail if you quit trying at my heaviest I weighed 410 pounds there were a lot of bullies growing up and I just felt completely alone, a suicide attempt literally changed my life

Now I weighed 195. there was no option to be lazy or to fall off track was becoming me now the amount of skin that I have is just debilitating I really wanted to see the body that I had been working for so long the only way I was going to do that was through having skin removal surgery, there were a lot of bullies growing up, but I almost built a shield against theme always call myself the funny fat

Bcause I was always making fun of myself for other people to laugh but of course I wasn’t laughing inside at my heaviest I weighed 410 pounds anything physical was a strain either on my knees on my hearty knew what the doctors were going to say if you don’t do something about your health you’re going to die and I just felt completely alone, and it wasn’t until a suicide attempt that literally changed my life, faced in the hospital waking up it was just like an automatic switch I lost 200 pounds and now I weighed 195.when I started my weight loss I really hated going to the gym after noticing I’m getting better, I’m getting stronger everything that I’m doing is I’m seeing results from doing it just it’s more like a challenge to myself now, so I enjoy it

This day I remember so vividly that’s when I started my journey when decided this was my first day, I’m going to go to the gym, and it was the hardest day of my life very hardest part about my weight loss journey has been accepting my body throughout the entire thing just like most people’s reactions cantata’s hard to believe that I was that person when I wake up when I look in the mirror still see that same person it’s likely mind hasn’t caught up to my body yet after losing the weight now the amount of skin that I have adjuster debilitating mentally my skin is a reminder of the weight that used to carry, and it just feels like baggage bought this dress

Maybe with my weight I was going to wear it but after I put it on, I just don’t feel comfortable in it yet so at this point in my journey I look at myself  as the butterfly that’s stuck in the cocoon once I have my skin removed and once I can finally feel like I have the body that I’ve worked so hard fore feel like I’ll be the butterfly really wanted to see the body that I knew at a point that the only way I was going to do that was through having skin removal surgery   It has taken so much out of me physically and mentally to get where I am today so I‘m just I’m so proud of myself the main thing that I was worried about was definitely my stomach because I had so much extra skin it was just like my stomach at all so now after having the skin removed, I had super extended tummy tuck which involved an incision all the way from the back almost all the way around my torso that connects and goes all the way to the other side I just feel normal this is the body that I feel like worked for still feel like I’m natural I am very I’m very happy with it my life has changed.

I have so much more confidence people have always seen me as a confident person, but I see the confidence in myself now have not tried this dress one since I’ve had surgery so I’m so excited to see what it looks like I’m a little nervous hopefully I feel comfortable enough so starting out as the caterpillar in the very beginning of my journey moving to the cocoon and finally free,  I feel like I’m finally the butterfly,  I am finally summer at my heaviest I weighed 360 pounds at my biggest I avoided not only mirrors but just like reflective surfaces generalship you’re a big guy you don’t have very many friends as I was losing the weight, I was getting more confidence naturally started to

it’s taken me about two years to lose 160 pounds started to be able to talk to people and that’s like what that’s like a year’s difference ohm gosh started gaining weight when I scrounged never tried to lose weight it just kept increasing over time, I lost my father when I was 10 and believe that caused depression anxiety

Anxiety which then caused the overeating and the stress eating and just kind of kept on getting worse and worse over the years had to teach myself how to smile I used to eat a huge, big old calzone that’s supposed to feed family could eat two big mastics and slices of pizza when you’re a big guy you don’t have very many friends’ kids pick on you

Clinically obese that was the point where it became real wanted to lose the weight and that was the very beginning of my transformation started off really slow just walking and cutting out certain food’s sodas processed foods and then gradually started increasing the exercise once I really started getting going started enjoying it I kind of

Every month I wanted to lose more my heaviest I was 360 pounds right now I weigh 220 pounds and I’velost160 pounds working on gives me more confidence after a good workout I always feel 100 times better even if I was exhausted before as I was losing the weight, I started tube able to talk to people a lot better started to be able to look people in the eyes when I talked to them

Oh, sorry one of my best friends now she approached me, and it boosted my confidence a lot and it was, and we are still we’re still friends today have you guys ever seen me I don’t think ever showed you who I was before my transformation think I told you, but I never showed you yeah, I don’t think I’ve seen no for my first 16 years never looked in the mirror never

And that’s like what that’s like a year’s difference my god yeah when I look at like especially a lot of these photos like these right here yeeha don’t remember taking these photos atoll because never wanted to see what it looked like had you ever tried to lose weight before this like before you made the big transformation, I never knew how big I was knew

Wear but I had no I never investigated what normal people were so had no point of reference to see how far away waist was about six months into my weightless I got out of the shower and was able to look at the mirror and see myself now I see myself, but I helped more right I was really surprised seeing Thomas’s photos we talked about it and heard the story

It a little bit more real because to hear about it is one thing but to actually see what he was talking about totally different than I imagined it was hard to put in my brain knowing that Thomas we know now believe I’m the best state that I’ve ever been I have a lot more confidence than I’ve ever had it’s really good to see you thanks for showing us the pictures Yahya we love you man I still have days where I don’t feel on doing what I’m doing and eventually I’ll get to where I want to be so however that looks on the scale is not really what I care about [Music]who’s happy is really what’s most important my beginning weight was 430 pounds my weight has always been a constant battle got heavier and heavier and just never stopped and I was like that’s it I had mixed change weighed 244.with having lost 188 pounds it has left me with large amount of excess skin having all this excess skin really affects yesterday-to-day life I don’t feel as good as should about myself so I’m hoping with this upcoming surgery it’ll help moralized believe in myself what I’ve done how you are feeling

Will see you after her surgery my weight has always been a constant battle I got heavier and heavier and it just never stopped when I started my journey back in January of 2015, I weighed 430 pounds hardly moved I have twin girls who at the time were four and a half twin girls I’m 430pounds and I can’t keep upend I attempted trying to lose weight many times

Gain it all back plus a little more and so that’s how kept continuing to rise mean there’s times where I mean didn’t feel like I’m going to be alive was almost back to 300 pounds last year and I was not going to have it so towards the end of 2018 and I was like that’s it had to make a change I’ve lost188 pounds and currently weigh lose the weight I had to really get in the mindset and a lot of work but it also took a village of people to help me get there and they are still helping me get there and I’m so grateful it’s been amazing she’s awesome to work with inappropriate sometimes there’s been times where she’s you know lost a whole bunch of way been really excited and then sometimes where there’s been a little bit of gain back and she’s been super upset and you know just having to go in and

You know her mindset you can see the big change from like where she started to where she is through the course of my adult life being heavy tried many diets and then I met my cobactin a few of the things Tina suggested to Me I didn’t like and so I didn’t do them and so and it just didn’t work for me sound then she tried to modify it and change it up and

I used to be 540 pounds I’ve lost 330pounds naturally they featured me on the news and then this beautiful lady walked into meet me and we have been friends ever since 2012and I’ve been her mentor and coach and she’s gone through a lot and it’s just real remarkable to see how courageous she is and how she doesn’t quit, and she cries lord does she cry lot having all this excess skin

Your entire my entire day-to-day life it gets in the way it slaps it you can’t bend as well doing gym workouts and when I look in the mirror I just think disgusting I’m trying to be proud of myself through this journey but when I see that hanging off my body I’m thinking it’s so gross and so ugly and I don’t feel as good as I should about myself so when you wear this so we’re going to get this whole bottom

So, your pant size is going to go down just from that alone from here down from this this and all orthostat’s going to be life-changing coming up next week will be having my first skin removal surgery I’ll be having a panic attack, when done it will remove all the lower portions of the skin that hangs the lowest on my body what you want to come back to this no not

Okay an item of clothing you’ve been hoping to wear post-surgery there’s an item clothing there is an item I’m not I’m like I’m not talking about that on camera look it for real as women we’ve lost all this weight there’s no reason that we can’t be sexy I think you should do one of those boudoir shoots valentine’s gear head yeah about the upcoming surgery aim

Idea what I’m going to look like when income out of there so it’s weird what does it mean to you to have it freedom today is Wendy’s first skin removal surgery of many and now which piece is going to be gone when we come back today my god let’s do a celebration dance with that skin shake it and shake it here, we go are you excited how are you feeling

Will see your after her surgery and she probably won’t be this happy almost every time I come to the gym, we do another exercise where it just blows my mind and gives literally brings me to tears when I Don’t exercise that I wouldn’t have been able to do before it’s extremely emotional used to not be able to hold a plank for a minute because the extra weight pulling down on

I can do almost four-and-a-half-minute plank and that was just one of those small victory quote-unquote things that are huge like that’s a big deal all thespians worth it for just that momentum standing in front of the mirror seeing what it looked like for the first time is just mind-blowing really can’t describe it because before I was 450 pounds and saw nothing and now at 215 pounds the willpower to be able to do this, you want to have it in your heart or it is not going to happen if you don’t.



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