Please Stop Making These Common Weight Loss Mistakes

welcome back to my channel my friends soi don’t know if you guys are aware butthis week we’ve been gifted with a goldminewill smith uploaded his weight lossjourney and i just feel like there is somuch here to talk about so the newseries is called best shape of my lifeand it’s all about will’s journey tolose 20 pounds in 20 weeks now if you’rethinkingi love that film of his seven poundslove that film is this a sequel

do with each other but this is kind oftragic in its own way so he’s trying tolose 20 pounds in 20 weeks while alsotrying to write an autobiography at thesame time and i just finished the seriesand i i felt all kinds of emotions icried i cried a lot i also felt reallyfrustrated by how unnecessarilydifficult his journey was i’m at acalorie deficit and i’m in here cryingevery day god damn it and at the sametime i felt happiness for him at the endbecause of where he got to you mentally

really deep connection with him like itwas emotional for me toomy head is so full of so much to sayabout will’s weight loss journey so iwant to go through it together because ifeel like his approach his frustrationshis failuresare such a good representation of what isee catch people out time and time andtime again when they embark on a fatloss journey or a weight loss journeywill’s got such an extreme trainingprogram he spends so much time in the

this emotional roller coaster and it’sjust so exhausting to watch and i canmake a ton of videos about the scienceof fat loss building muscle sportscience dietetics but i just feel likethere’s nothing quite like a real lifeexample that just brings all of thatsciencein onedocumentary series that is now up onyoutube before i start though i justwant to say that i don’t blame will forany of this for any of the anything that

blame him i love will smith i’m a 90sbaby like i grew up on the fresh princeso i just want him to do really well sowhen i see him frustrated i feelfrustrated at the same time i don’t wantto be overly critical of his pt likethere seems to be a lotedited out moments where he looksworried or he’s about to say somethingand the video just cuts away also when isay this from experience working withsuperstars is really hard it’s just notalways easy to impose yourself and take

wrong i have so many more thoughts thani could ever fit into a single video soif i don’t mention something it doesn’tmean that i didn’t pick it up i justreally wanted to focus on the biggestareas here that would have made will’sjourney way less frustratingand just generally more effective beforei get into it if you like this videogive me a big thumbs up hit thesubscribe button if you’re not alreadysubscribed to this amazing familyeveryone here is really friendly and if

i’m not stopping you let’s get startedokay so let’s start off with will’s goalfor this journey and his starting pointnow the show basically kicks off withwill saying that he’s in the worst shapeof his life i am me this is me y’allthis is me y’alltake it or leave it[Music]this is crazy will smith getting roundsof applause on instagram writing i’m inthe worst shapeone fan responding thank you aren’t we

the pasthas been[Music]spectacular in some circumstances[Music]i did a moviei started before covidthe character requiredthat i put weight on so i put onweightand then covet 19 hitcovey made the weight morethan the roll called for

i’m embarrassed okay we’re gonna keep itreal i’m embarrassed okayit’s a story as old as time we’ve allbeen thereminus the hollywood role but i feel likei can relate for me it was my injury andthen lockdown but i feel like i canreally relate to that feeling of beingreally far from feeling your best sohe’s got this master plan to get back tohis besti’m gonna lose20 pounds in 20 weeks

begin honestly this was the point wherei started to feel like will was going tohave a really frustrating journey so 20kilos is 9 kilos 20 pounds is 9 kilos sotodayis the first weigh-inoh jeez this is bad this is bad[Applause]this is bad[Applause]tragedydamni was i was i was feeling bad okay it’s

it’s 220 y it’s he weighs in at 221 he wants to getdown to 201 and the first thing iimmediately think of is that we need tobe really careful not to be overlydependent on body weight and using thatto define his success will doesn’t likethe way he looks and feels that’s hisreal problem look at how he’scommunicating it to us he’s showingpictures of his belly he’s slouching toshow us how it’s making him feel he’salso posting on his instagram i love

that’s amazing like there’s nothingwrong with wanting to feel better butthe scale does not measure how you lookor how you feel like as a six foot two220 pound man there are so manydifferent ways you can look and so manydifferent ways you can feel as well iguarantee that if his height and bodyweight were the same but he was leanerand with more muscle when he was rippedwhich is entirely possiblethis whole series wouldn’t be happeningthere would be no tragedy and that just

whole story number one it doesn’tcapture at all how he feels or hisfitness and in fact if you overly focuson body weightyou could actually compromise both ofthose things which surprise surprise isexactly what happens later number twobody weight is generally a very messymetric when it comes to tracking bodycomposition because body fat is not theonly component of body weight will’sbeen sedentary for a long time and he’sabout to start this crazy insane

resistance training now because he’s gota little bit of body fat even if he’s ina calorie deficit he can still put on alittle bit of muscle at the start nowthat muscle is really going to help himlook and feel better but because of thescale he’s going to see that as afailure number three body weight alsogoes through dramatic short-termfluctuations because of another elementit’s trackingwater the stress of a brand new workoutroutine leads to fluctuations in water

processes it’s affected by inflammationaround micro tears in your muscles asyou try to heal it’s affected by yoursodium and carbohydrateintake and also your glycogen storage inyour muscles so because of those threethings will could be doing amazing butthe scale won’t reflect it the moreobsessive he becomes about a metricthat’s not aligned to what he reallywants the more frustrated he’ll becomethey could have just broken down bodyweight into muscle fat and water like i

to make it really easy for people tofollow but people are gonna copy whatthey see the second real issue that ihave is that will’s team allowed him toget so fixated on that number movingevery week and so by the end of week onethis is week one guys he steps on thescale the weight goes up he’s somiserable and no one steps in to explainto him the science of what’s going onand that really hurt to watch that wasthe first time of many where i just icried okay i cried it doesn’t help that

of my period butyeah okay so now let’s look at hisworkout program that he’s going to bedoing for the 20 weeks so he’s workingwith a pt that he’s known for nine yearswhich is amazing because his beautyshould therefore know him really wellphysically but also more importantlypsychologically my name is aaronfergusoni’m a personal trainer yes aaron aussieaaron the aussies are well known fortheir good vibes positive energy it’s

gonna get him through his workouts solet’s go i’ve never seen him like thisand he’s never ever been in this baddershape everit’s not quite what i had in mind ourgoal is to lose around a pound a weekwith new diet a new exercise programthat method is the most sustainable i’mvery happy to hear that word sustainablewe can all go through any pain ordiscomfort or inconvenience for a shortenough period of time the real questionis if he does get down to 201 pounds and

with a routine that keeps him feelinghappy healthy and the fat off in ayear’s timethat’s success let’s have a look at histraining routine so the basic frameworkis we’ll do two days of resistancetraining then we’ll take off and then wego back on two dayswe’re also a big fan of doing cardiofirst thing in the morning so we’ll dosome sunrise runs when i mean some imean every morning you guys don’t knowhow many times i’ve re-watched this

they’ve explained his routine i’vebasically got it down to twopossible training scenarios so the partthat is clear is that will is doingresistance training for two days on orone day off which is my current trainingsplit and it works out to 4.6 recurringdays a week of training now that took methree months to get tofrom a year of not training properly nowthis is where our training splits splitbecause on top of that he’s also doingcardio now from the description it’s not

day or if he’s doing it on the days ofresistance training by the smile andit’s just a slight smile on histrainer’s facei think he’s doing it every day of theweek i think because that’s the smilethat a trainer gives you when they’relikei’mma [ __ ] you up just a littleso that works out to either 9.2 sessionsa week or11.6 sessions a weekguys did we not agree did we not grow

day and his sessions are more like 40 to50 minutes which is what i’m thinkingthen that works out to about eight tonine hours a week that is a huge amountof volume to be training at from astanding start when you’re assessing atraining program you have to think abouttwo key aspects number one is theprogramming optimal for your specificgoal according to the sports science arethe training methods durations andvolumesmost efficient at achieving that

should care so much about efficiency isbecause we have finite resourceswe don’t have infinite amounts of timeenergy motivation so we want the bestvalue that we can get for the resourceswe put in number two does the clientfeel fulfilled you can have thatperfectly optimized training programmingbut if it’s unachievable with yourlifestyle you’d find it so demotivatingyou can’t stick to it then it’sworthless your job as a trainer or coachis to maximize the total score across

be honest i’m seeing issues on bothsides for will in terms of optimalprogramming will is measuring hissuccess based on his weight going downnow one of his sessions is arms and absanother session is whatever’s left soi’m thinking it’s like chest andshoulders because i don’t really see himdoing any glues so that’s 50 of hisresistance sessions where he’s targetingrelatively small muscle groups there’snot going to be a lot of compoundmovement so he’s not going to be

his ancillary muscles we’re alwaysmeasuring his success based on hisweight going down so if he wants hisweight to go down he should have morehigh energy output sessions his splitisn’t inherently bad but his split isinefficient for his weight loss goalhaving said that a program not beingoptimal doesn’t mean you won’t getresultsit just means that for the resourcesthat you’re putting in you’re notgetting the best return on the second

need to be super aware that that volumeof training is obviously reallydemanding physically but alsoemotionally and i feel like fitnessshould add to your life and to do thatit can’t subtract from other areas thatare important to you will wants to writea badass autobiography but he’s draininghis energy and he’s breaking up hisrhythm during his writing sessions withtwo workouts a day at separate times inthe day when it stands in the way ofsomething that you love and something

resent fitness so it’s the time for theweigh-in at the end of week one bear inmind will has either had 9.2 sessionsthis week or 11.6 sessions this week222.222. it doesn’t feel rightwe might need to check that surfacei’ll put weight on so that’s a failurefor this weekpunching in some stupid numbers into hislittle stupidphonewith this whole stupid show we’re trying

[Music]helping people evolve that’s stupidit’s not stupidit’s the only thing that could make aperson happy i knowit doesn’t seem to be working right nowbutyeah i’m still on my period sothis whole part makes me feel really sadhonestly he’s spent the whole weekworking really hard maybe it’s the musicas well it’s making me feel really sadhe spent the whole week working really

method and the approach that he’s takena flawed he feels like he’s failed and ithink it makes memost sadthat’s terrible english i feel like itmakes me very sad because this is thepart where i see most people give upand i don’t want you to give upthis is the moment where you can tell agood peter your coach from anexceptional one like in that momentwhere he feels confused and frustratedhe needs someone to make him understand

if you have conviction in the processand you know it’s grounded in scienceyou need to make will go into thatweighing not caringwhat the weigh-in says because it’s waytoo early instead he just feels like afailure and that’s the end of episodeonejesusso in week one we’ll gained weight nowhis priority in week two should be tojust to stay level-headed and avoid anemotional reaction last week we’ll

you know and this was when he washitting the workouts pretty hardall right i’m going for three poundsthis week in week two he just tries togo all outand we can all guess what happens next[Music]i’m exhaustedi got nothingyeah we we all didn’t turn up for thesession today like alright always bumsme out when umwhen we miss this session i just want to

maybe i’ve skipped a part you know all idid was look away but maybe maybe thevideo skips yeah we’re in week two so ifhe can’t stick to this two weeks in thenwe have to stop kidding ourselves aboutsustainability you weren’t happy withthe result last week because your weightwas up no i was happy i was happy you’reokay but did you react to it in terms ofthe amount of food that you ate thisweekyeah see that’s nono

reactionum what did you do oh justlike 500 calories in the eggs eggboiled eggs raw vegetables that’s it thewhole day the whole day okay so i knowthat worked before you knowthis is where i feel for aaron becauseof what i said before like working withsuperstarsis dif it’s a different game like youcan see that aaron is unhappy he looksgenuinely concerned emotional reactionscan be dangerous because they can derail

knee-jerk reaction can completely throwyou off track so you just give upentirely or it can start a chainreaction of emotional responses that youjust can’t escape next we get a littleglimpse of will’s diet over the next 20weeks we’re going to try to set up asustainable diet that’s going to behealthy and he’s going to have all theenergy that he needs so this isguacamole crackers browsi say this in the most loving waypossible he just looks so tired but i am

i’m crossingyeah this is horrible sobut it’s not about taste no i can’tstress this enough the less enjoyable aworkout or diet the more discipline itrequires to maintain the more disciplineit requires to maintain the higher theprobability that you’re going to give upon it they don’t really show much moreof will’s diet throughout the series buti am surprised that given the budget ofthis production his team didn’t think tobring in a registered dietitian it’s the

nutrition and dietetics that i’ll everpartner with on my channel so i’m justreally surprised that his pt or doctordidn’t insist on bringing a registereddietitian in okay so we’re coming up tohis week for me weigh-in so he was upone pound after week one and after weekthree he’s finally down 2.2 pounds sohis body weight does eventually comedown it just needed time just because heput weight on after week one doesn’tmean his process wasn’t taking himtowards weight loss and in general

i recommend you don’t compare two datapoints unless they’re at least one monthapart you can always change your processif it’s not working but first you haveto knowif it’s not working so from this pointwe basically see a few weeks of willkicking his own ass like justdemolishing his own arse andhe’s working so hard like i have so muchrespect for him what he’s doing is not ajoke i meanhe’s climbing the burj khalifa that’s

air conditioning in that stairwellbecause dubai is so unbearably hot butthen he gets carried away and he goes alittle bit too hard which is a classictrap i see people fall into all the timeheat times can function like a racehorsein which you know he’ll just keep goinguntil he he diesor getsinjured went for a run i went for a runat 3am 3amhe’s in a real calorie deficit he’s

insane yeah he might be 10 pounds downand he’s 10 weeks in and he might feelenthusiastic and that can make you dolike crazy things but his pt needs to bethe voice of reason so he needs to bereally firm and then maybe five minutesafter that conversation they tell usabout this steps challenge they’vestartedthere’s a little bit of insanity that iwouldn’t say crept in it actuallyexploded in will got over 30 000 steps ithink 32-33

marathon with less steps than what hedid yesterday i’m gonna get as closeto death as i can tonight on thetreadmillwill already has a workout regime whereintense is an understatement30 000 steps i mean guys we mentionedsustainable at the start of this videoit’s not it’s not happeningsustainability has left the buildingit’s left the planet it’s halfway acrossthe universe at this point it’snon-existent

gazingit’s fairy dust it doesn’t exist thisshow has now purely become about willhitting that target weight at whatevercost and what happens nextwhat’s happeningi’ve had a hamstring issue now i’m aboutto get my ass shocked[Music]rehab well i can’t run in the morningand i talk to all that crap and then idon’t get to tradetomorrow but it’s 24 hours so i’ll run

a few more weeks we get to week 15 andwheels going for another weight check-in[Music]i figured it was a up weekgod damn itit’s terriblei’ve been doing thisstupid crapandi don’t care what i weigh todaywill looks insane right now like let’sjust think about it this guy’s 52 he’s15 weeks into a training regimen i can

coming through his goal at the start ofthis whole thing was to look and feelbetter but i can’t help but feel likesomehow the scale has just corrupted hisperspective like he looks sad aroundthis time i feel like we’re seeing thecracks of his excessive exerciseroutines start to break him and itreally was a matter of time i mean 15weeks he put up a good fight but it wasonly a matter of time he had a lot thathe was sort of working with this weekthere were sporadic workouts we didn’t

yeahso this week is going to be ridiculousso he was given a ridiculous workoutschedule he starts getting fatigued sohe’s missing some of his workoutsfinishing some of the workouts early andhis response to that is to just go evenharder just look at how ridiculous thisschedule now becomes5 15 wake upweigh inrunthen come back

then i’m into the bagthe first workoutand a second workout no no do a finisherjust to blow it outthen i’ve been doing the writing sessioni’ll get it luke’s done it’s 4 00 27 a.mnow we’re going runningi showed you guys what my workoutschedule was when i was in iron man hejust didfour sessions before midday so let’s saythere’s a bit of time for changing orwhatever that’s probably about three

man levels of training but guys he’sordered calorie deficitandhe’s also writing a memoir i don’t evenwant to hear a whisper of the wordsustainability don’t say it aaroni only got four hours and 28 minutes ofsleepin episode one will’s pt clearly writesdown minimum of eight hours of sleepguys we have so much science on thehealth implications of reduced sleep andthen from that point it’s just it’s just

it’s just it’s really not nice watchingsomeone struggle take out on otherpeople all of this is supposed to be setbefore we step in and start rolling andwe’re not supposed to step in and startrolling if you haven’t figured out howit works okay so what if we did a timeron a phone that you don’t bring a filmcrew and everything jazz if you don’thave everything set upi’m donewhat’s going on oh man he’s lookingpretty tired

to do really well in because he’s beenrunning non-stop for the last fourmonths but he gets a time that he’sreally unhappy with and i think becausehe’s been so focused and obsessed onlosing body weightother things have become harmed likeperformance strength functionalitypossibly even healthno gym today is that what he just saidyeah they just sentfroma uh

in the series where he’s coming in forhis week 16 weigh-in and he basicallycomes to terms with his pt that they’renot he’s not going to be down 16 pounds13 14 15 16 weeks16 weeks right so that’s that’s supposedto be roughly205. i’m not gonna be 205. no you knowand the thing that i’m trying to do alsois to not tap into my old mindsetbecause i can do anythingwhen i you knowtap into that soldier right so that’s

yeah harsh energies yeah yeah a moresustainable mindsetthis is one of my favorite parts of theshow because i feel like he finallyadmits that he can be really obsessivebut he wants to enjoy his life and as apart of that he wants to enjoy becominghealthier you can’t hate yourself andhate the process into becoming healthybecause that in itself is not healthyhealthy is being well of physical andmental state and if mentally you’regoing through something and you just

weight’s down how can he say he’shealthy in the last couple of weeks inthe series will starts to reduce hisworkouts a lot so that he can prioritizewriting on his book because he feelslike he’s fallen behind in his bookwriting i can’t help but feel like ifhe’d been more sustainable i’ma say theword if he’d had a more sustainableworkout routine where he wasn’t alwaysbreaking up his his workflow then hewould have been in a better positionwith his book as well and he could have

difficult is it to balance the book andthe fitness goalsi hadn’t i had no idea i was i was notpreparedumfor the level ofumpain and drainall right so here’s my last weigh-insometimes achieving the actual goalearns you almost nothing but the journeyitselfteaches you everything you need to know

after the 20 weeks i think he realizedthat it just wasn’t important what hereally wanted was to look and feelbetter and feel his best again and ireally hope that he found that forhimself that journey was hardlikereally hard and i think that if ibelieved it took that much work to losefat and become healthieri think i would just feel so intimidatedi’d be like there’s no way i’ve spentthe last few years studying the sport

sports scientists i partner withregistered dietitians who are the bestexperts out there on nutrition and idon’t believe it had to be this hard forhim to get results like i feel like i’vebeen on this journey myself in the lastfour months since my back injury and ihad more frustration just watching willthan i had at any point in my entirejourney and what i really hope for foreveryone is that by knowing that takingcare of your health doesn’t have to bethis miserable

feeling this low on your fat lossjourney or your muscle building journeyor whatever journey you’re onyou won’t give up on your mission you’lljust realize that you need to changeyour processand that’s pretty much everything iwanted to talk about so i hope you guyslike this video again please give me abig thumbs up hit the subscribe buttonif you’re not already subscribed alsohit the little notification bell and iwill see you guys very very soon i love


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