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When I was my heaviest, I was 485 pounds, was an emotional eater so if I was said ate if I was happy I ate if there are celebrations I ate as  I was a prisoner of my own body I could barely walk a block without being out of breath or climb stairs you know I had to save my own life didn’t think I was going to live to see 30, so I lost 312 pounds.

I have always been overweight my entire life, I didn’t do anything but go to work come home sit on my couch and eat every single day and it just it wasn’t living I was just existing I was a prisoner in my own body knew nothing about nutrition I knew nothing about cooking healthy I knew nothing about portion control I would say I probably ate over 6000 calories a day

With being fatigued all the time could barely walk a block without being out of breath or climb stairs I was afraid to die think between me and Lexie just overindulged on food, large stuffed crust pizza, bread sticks, wings, mountain dew, mountain dew and just binge watch Netflix and just overeat.  My wedding day should have been the best day but people definitely walked in they gave me looks just because of my size almost like I wasn’t worthy of getting married just because I so overweight and wasn’t living, I was just existing so after all those moments added up was just fed up and then I set a new year’s resolution January 1st 2016 and that’s when it all changed had to save my own life because didn’t think I was going to live to see 30 and now I’ll be 30 next year

And then at my lowest I weighed 173 pounds I usually go to the gym about six times a week I try to mix it up, so I don’t get burnt out and quit. My husband joined me on my weight loss journey, and I also started documenting my journey on Instagram never expected to have a following just wanted to help one person so to be able to help 1.2 million plus Danny being able to help plus doing it together it’s cool.

We are not just sitting on the couch, not talking, we’re out walking running biking we are active we lost 407 pounds together so these are my 485-pound clothes, and I am now half of that and to look at these clothes it’s just a reminder of how far I came and the path that I was at one point heading down I had a lot of excess skin I knew it was going to happen going into my weight loss journey

I’ve been left with a lot of battle wounds which is okay after losing all my weight we are going rock climbing which I’m nervous about because I’ve never been rock climbing there’s no way I could have rock climbed up my heaviest, God I was scared but I did it because you got to keep trying that’s all that matters, I think that ultimately it’s good to find somebody no matter where you’re at in your journey um surround yourself with positive people start small and small changes will add up to big results and just never give up because you only fail if you quit trying at my heaviest I weighed 410 pounds there were a lot of bullies growing up and I just felt completely alone, a suicide attempt literally changed my life

Now I weighed 195. there was no option to be lazy or to fall off track was becoming me now the amount of skin that I have is just debilitating I really wanted to see the body that I had been working for so long the only way I was going to do that was through having skin removal surgery, there were a lot of bullies growing up, but I almost built a shield against theme always call myself the funny fat

Bcause I was always making fun of myself for other people to laugh but of course I wasn’t laughing inside at my heaviest I weighed 410 pounds anything physical was a strain either on my knees on my hearty knew what the doctors were going to say if you don’t do something about your health you’re going to die and I just felt completely alone, and it wasn’t until a suicide attempt that literally changed my life, faced in the hospital waking up it was just like an automatic switch I lost 200 pounds and now I weighed 195.when I started my weight loss I really hated going to the gym after noticing I’m getting better, I’m getting stronger everything that I’m doing is I’m seeing results from doing it just it’s more like a challenge to myself now, so I enjoy it

This day I remember so vividly that’s when I started my journey when decided this was my first day, I’m going to go to the gym, and it was the hardest day of my life very hardest part about my weight loss journey has been accepting my body throughout the entire thing just like most people’s reactions cantata’s hard to believe that I was that person when I wake up when I look in the mirror still see that same person it’s likely mind hasn’t caught up to my body yet after losing the weight now the amount of skin that I have adjuster debilitating mentally my skin is a reminder of the weight that used to carry, and it just feels like baggage bought this dress

Maybe with my weight I was going to wear it but after I put it on, I just don’t feel comfortable in it yet so at this point in my journey I look at myself  as the butterfly that’s stuck in the cocoon once I have my skin removed and once I can finally feel like I have the body that I’ve worked so hard fore feel like I’ll be the butterfly really wanted to see the body that I knew at a point that the only way I was going to do that was through having skin removal surgery   It has taken so much out of me physically and mentally to get where I am today so I‘m just I’m so proud of myself the main thing that I was worried about was definitely my stomach because I had so much extra skin it was just like my stomach at all so now after having the skin removed, I had super extended tummy tuck which involved an incision all the way from the back almost all the way around my torso that connects and goes all the way to the other side I just feel normal this is the body that I feel like worked for still feel like I’m natural I am very I’m very happy with it my life has changed.

I have so much more confidence people have always seen me as a confident person, but I see the confidence in myself now have not tried this dress one since I’ve had surgery so I’m so excited to see what it looks like I’m a little nervous hopefully I feel comfortable enough so starting out as the caterpillar in the very beginning of my journey moving to the cocoon and finally free,  I feel like I’m finally the butterfly,  I am finally summer at my heaviest I weighed 360 pounds at my biggest I avoided not only mirrors but just like reflective surfaces generalship you’re a big guy you don’t have very many friends as I was losing the weight, I was getting more confidence naturally started to

it’s taken me about two years to lose 160 pounds started to be able to talk to people and that’s like what that’s like a year’s difference ohm gosh started gaining weight when I scrounged never tried to lose weight it just kept increasing over time, I lost my father when I was 10 and believe that caused depression anxiety

Anxiety which then caused the overeating and the stress eating and just kind of kept on getting worse and worse over the years had to teach myself how to smile I used to eat a huge, big old calzone that’s supposed to feed family could eat two big mastics and slices of pizza when you’re a big guy you don’t have very many friends’ kids pick on you

Clinically obese that was the point where it became real wanted to lose the weight and that was the very beginning of my transformation started off really slow just walking and cutting out certain food’s sodas processed foods and then gradually started increasing the exercise once I really started getting going started enjoying it I kind of

Every month I wanted to lose more my heaviest I was 360 pounds right now I weigh 220 pounds and I’velost160 pounds working on gives me more confidence after a good workout I always feel 100 times better even if I was exhausted before as I was losing the weight, I started tube able to talk to people a lot better started to be able to look people in the eyes when I talked to them

Oh, sorry one of my best friends now she approached me, and it boosted my confidence a lot and it was, and we are still we’re still friends today have you guys ever seen me I don’t think ever showed you who I was before my transformation think I told you, but I never showed you yeah, I don’t think I’ve seen no for my first 16 years never looked in the mirror never

And that’s like what that’s like a year’s difference my god yeah when I look at like especially a lot of these photos like these right here yeeha don’t remember taking these photos atoll because never wanted to see what it looked like had you ever tried to lose weight before this like before you made the big transformation, I never knew how big I was knew

Wear but I had no I never investigated what normal people were so had no point of reference to see how far away waist was about six months into my weightless I got out of the shower and was able to look at the mirror and see myself now I see myself, but I helped more right I was really surprised seeing Thomas’s photos we talked about it and heard the story

It a little bit more real because to hear about it is one thing but to actually see what he was talking about totally different than I imagined it was hard to put in my brain knowing that Thomas we know now believe I’m the best state that I’ve ever been I have a lot more confidence than I’ve ever had it’s really good to see you thanks for showing us the pictures Yahya we love you man I still have days where I don’t feel on doing what I’m doing and eventually I’ll get to where I want to be so however that looks on the scale is not really what I care about [Music]who’s happy is really what’s most important my beginning weight was 430 pounds my weight has always been a constant battle got heavier and heavier and just never stopped and I was like that’s it I had mixed change weighed 244.with having lost 188 pounds it has left me with large amount of excess skin having all this excess skin really affects yesterday-to-day life I don’t feel as good as should about myself so I’m hoping with this upcoming surgery it’ll help moralized believe in myself what I’ve done how you are feeling

Will see you after her surgery my weight has always been a constant battle I got heavier and heavier and it just never stopped when I started my journey back in January of 2015, I weighed 430 pounds hardly moved I have twin girls who at the time were four and a half twin girls I’m 430pounds and I can’t keep upend I attempted trying to lose weight many times

Gain it all back plus a little more and so that’s how kept continuing to rise mean there’s times where I mean didn’t feel like I’m going to be alive was almost back to 300 pounds last year and I was not going to have it so towards the end of 2018 and I was like that’s it had to make a change I’ve lost188 pounds and currently weigh lose the weight I had to really get in the mindset and a lot of work but it also took a village of people to help me get there and they are still helping me get there and I’m so grateful it’s been amazing she’s awesome to work with inappropriate sometimes there’s been times where she’s you know lost a whole bunch of way been really excited and then sometimes where there’s been a little bit of gain back and she’s been super upset and you know just having to go in and

You know her mindset you can see the big change from like where she started to where she is through the course of my adult life being heavy tried many diets and then I met my cobactin a few of the things Tina suggested to Me I didn’t like and so I didn’t do them and so and it just didn’t work for me sound then she tried to modify it and change it up and

I used to be 540 pounds I’ve lost 330pounds naturally they featured me on the news and then this beautiful lady walked into meet me and we have been friends ever since 2012and I’ve been her mentor and coach and she’s gone through a lot and it’s just real remarkable to see how courageous she is and how she doesn’t quit, and she cries lord does she cry lot having all this excess skin

Your entire my entire day-to-day life it gets in the way it slaps it you can’t bend as well doing gym workouts and when I look in the mirror I just think disgusting I’m trying to be proud of myself through this journey but when I see that hanging off my body I’m thinking it’s so gross and so ugly and I don’t feel as good as I should about myself so when you wear this so we’re going to get this whole bottom

So, your pant size is going to go down just from that alone from here down from this this and all orthostat’s going to be life-changing coming up next week will be having my first skin removal surgery I’ll be having a panic attack, when done it will remove all the lower portions of the skin that hangs the lowest on my body what you want to come back to this no not

Okay an item of clothing you’ve been hoping to wear post-surgery there’s an item clothing there is an item I’m not I’m like I’m not talking about that on camera look it for real as women we’ve lost all this weight there’s no reason that we can’t be sexy I think you should do one of those boudoir shoots valentine’s gear head yeah about the upcoming surgery aim

Idea what I’m going to look like when income out of there so it’s weird what does it mean to you to have it freedom today is Wendy’s first skin removal surgery of many and now which piece is going to be gone when we come back today my god let’s do a celebration dance with that skin shake it and shake it here, we go are you excited how are you feeling

Will see your after her surgery and she probably won’t be this happy almost every time I come to the gym, we do another exercise where it just blows my mind and gives literally brings me to tears when I Don’t exercise that I wouldn’t have been able to do before it’s extremely emotional used to not be able to hold a plank for a minute because the extra weight pulling down on

I can do almost four-and-a-half-minute plank and that was just one of those small victory quote-unquote things that are huge like that’s a big deal all thespians worth it for just that momentum standing in front of the mirror seeing what it looked like for the first time is just mind-blowing really can’t describe it because before I was 450 pounds and saw nothing and now at 215 pounds the willpower to be able to do this, you want to have it in your heart or it is not going to happen if you don’t.



Please Stop Making These Common Weight Loss Mistakes

welcome back to my channel my friends soi don’t know if you guys are aware butthis week we’ve been gifted with a goldminewill smith uploaded his weight lossjourney and i just feel like there is somuch here to talk about so the newseries is called best shape of my lifeand it’s all about will’s journey tolose 20 pounds in 20 weeks now if you’rethinkingi love that film of his seven poundslove that film is this a sequel

do with each other but this is kind oftragic in its own way so he’s trying tolose 20 pounds in 20 weeks while alsotrying to write an autobiography at thesame time and i just finished the seriesand i i felt all kinds of emotions icried i cried a lot i also felt reallyfrustrated by how unnecessarilydifficult his journey was i’m at acalorie deficit and i’m in here cryingevery day god damn it and at the sametime i felt happiness for him at the endbecause of where he got to you mentally

really deep connection with him like itwas emotional for me toomy head is so full of so much to sayabout will’s weight loss journey so iwant to go through it together because ifeel like his approach his frustrationshis failuresare such a good representation of what isee catch people out time and time andtime again when they embark on a fatloss journey or a weight loss journeywill’s got such an extreme trainingprogram he spends so much time in the

this emotional roller coaster and it’sjust so exhausting to watch and i canmake a ton of videos about the scienceof fat loss building muscle sportscience dietetics but i just feel likethere’s nothing quite like a real lifeexample that just brings all of thatsciencein onedocumentary series that is now up onyoutube before i start though i justwant to say that i don’t blame will forany of this for any of the anything that

blame him i love will smith i’m a 90sbaby like i grew up on the fresh princeso i just want him to do really well sowhen i see him frustrated i feelfrustrated at the same time i don’t wantto be overly critical of his pt likethere seems to be a lotedited out moments where he looksworried or he’s about to say somethingand the video just cuts away also when isay this from experience working withsuperstars is really hard it’s just notalways easy to impose yourself and take

wrong i have so many more thoughts thani could ever fit into a single video soif i don’t mention something it doesn’tmean that i didn’t pick it up i justreally wanted to focus on the biggestareas here that would have made will’sjourney way less frustratingand just generally more effective beforei get into it if you like this videogive me a big thumbs up hit thesubscribe button if you’re not alreadysubscribed to this amazing familyeveryone here is really friendly and if

i’m not stopping you let’s get startedokay so let’s start off with will’s goalfor this journey and his starting pointnow the show basically kicks off withwill saying that he’s in the worst shapeof his life i am me this is me y’allthis is me y’alltake it or leave it[Music]this is crazy will smith getting roundsof applause on instagram writing i’m inthe worst shapeone fan responding thank you aren’t we

the pasthas been[Music]spectacular in some circumstances[Music]i did a moviei started before covidthe character requiredthat i put weight on so i put onweightand then covet 19 hitcovey made the weight morethan the roll called for

i’m embarrassed okay we’re gonna keep itreal i’m embarrassed okayit’s a story as old as time we’ve allbeen thereminus the hollywood role but i feel likei can relate for me it was my injury andthen lockdown but i feel like i canreally relate to that feeling of beingreally far from feeling your best sohe’s got this master plan to get back tohis besti’m gonna lose20 pounds in 20 weeks

begin honestly this was the point wherei started to feel like will was going tohave a really frustrating journey so 20kilos is 9 kilos 20 pounds is 9 kilos sotodayis the first weigh-inoh jeez this is bad this is bad[Applause]this is bad[Applause]tragedydamni was i was i was feeling bad okay it’s

it’s 220 y it’s he weighs in at 221 he wants to getdown to 201 and the first thing iimmediately think of is that we need tobe really careful not to be overlydependent on body weight and using thatto define his success will doesn’t likethe way he looks and feels that’s hisreal problem look at how he’scommunicating it to us he’s showingpictures of his belly he’s slouching toshow us how it’s making him feel he’salso posting on his instagram i love

that’s amazing like there’s nothingwrong with wanting to feel better butthe scale does not measure how you lookor how you feel like as a six foot two220 pound man there are so manydifferent ways you can look and so manydifferent ways you can feel as well iguarantee that if his height and bodyweight were the same but he was leanerand with more muscle when he was rippedwhich is entirely possiblethis whole series wouldn’t be happeningthere would be no tragedy and that just

whole story number one it doesn’tcapture at all how he feels or hisfitness and in fact if you overly focuson body weightyou could actually compromise both ofthose things which surprise surprise isexactly what happens later number twobody weight is generally a very messymetric when it comes to tracking bodycomposition because body fat is not theonly component of body weight will’sbeen sedentary for a long time and he’sabout to start this crazy insane

resistance training now because he’s gota little bit of body fat even if he’s ina calorie deficit he can still put on alittle bit of muscle at the start nowthat muscle is really going to help himlook and feel better but because of thescale he’s going to see that as afailure number three body weight alsogoes through dramatic short-termfluctuations because of another elementit’s trackingwater the stress of a brand new workoutroutine leads to fluctuations in water

processes it’s affected by inflammationaround micro tears in your muscles asyou try to heal it’s affected by yoursodium and carbohydrateintake and also your glycogen storage inyour muscles so because of those threethings will could be doing amazing butthe scale won’t reflect it the moreobsessive he becomes about a metricthat’s not aligned to what he reallywants the more frustrated he’ll becomethey could have just broken down bodyweight into muscle fat and water like i

to make it really easy for people tofollow but people are gonna copy whatthey see the second real issue that ihave is that will’s team allowed him toget so fixated on that number movingevery week and so by the end of week onethis is week one guys he steps on thescale the weight goes up he’s somiserable and no one steps in to explainto him the science of what’s going onand that really hurt to watch that wasthe first time of many where i just icried okay i cried it doesn’t help that

of my period butyeah okay so now let’s look at hisworkout program that he’s going to bedoing for the 20 weeks so he’s workingwith a pt that he’s known for nine yearswhich is amazing because his beautyshould therefore know him really wellphysically but also more importantlypsychologically my name is aaronfergusoni’m a personal trainer yes aaron aussieaaron the aussies are well known fortheir good vibes positive energy it’s

gonna get him through his workouts solet’s go i’ve never seen him like thisand he’s never ever been in this baddershape everit’s not quite what i had in mind ourgoal is to lose around a pound a weekwith new diet a new exercise programthat method is the most sustainable i’mvery happy to hear that word sustainablewe can all go through any pain ordiscomfort or inconvenience for a shortenough period of time the real questionis if he does get down to 201 pounds and

with a routine that keeps him feelinghappy healthy and the fat off in ayear’s timethat’s success let’s have a look at histraining routine so the basic frameworkis we’ll do two days of resistancetraining then we’ll take off and then wego back on two dayswe’re also a big fan of doing cardiofirst thing in the morning so we’ll dosome sunrise runs when i mean some imean every morning you guys don’t knowhow many times i’ve re-watched this

they’ve explained his routine i’vebasically got it down to twopossible training scenarios so the partthat is clear is that will is doingresistance training for two days on orone day off which is my current trainingsplit and it works out to 4.6 recurringdays a week of training now that took methree months to get tofrom a year of not training properly nowthis is where our training splits splitbecause on top of that he’s also doingcardio now from the description it’s not

day or if he’s doing it on the days ofresistance training by the smile andit’s just a slight smile on histrainer’s facei think he’s doing it every day of theweek i think because that’s the smilethat a trainer gives you when they’relikei’mma [ __ ] you up just a littleso that works out to either 9.2 sessionsa week or11.6 sessions a weekguys did we not agree did we not grow

day and his sessions are more like 40 to50 minutes which is what i’m thinkingthen that works out to about eight tonine hours a week that is a huge amountof volume to be training at from astanding start when you’re assessing atraining program you have to think abouttwo key aspects number one is theprogramming optimal for your specificgoal according to the sports science arethe training methods durations andvolumesmost efficient at achieving that

should care so much about efficiency isbecause we have finite resourceswe don’t have infinite amounts of timeenergy motivation so we want the bestvalue that we can get for the resourceswe put in number two does the clientfeel fulfilled you can have thatperfectly optimized training programmingbut if it’s unachievable with yourlifestyle you’d find it so demotivatingyou can’t stick to it then it’sworthless your job as a trainer or coachis to maximize the total score across

be honest i’m seeing issues on bothsides for will in terms of optimalprogramming will is measuring hissuccess based on his weight going downnow one of his sessions is arms and absanother session is whatever’s left soi’m thinking it’s like chest andshoulders because i don’t really see himdoing any glues so that’s 50 of hisresistance sessions where he’s targetingrelatively small muscle groups there’snot going to be a lot of compoundmovement so he’s not going to be

his ancillary muscles we’re alwaysmeasuring his success based on hisweight going down so if he wants hisweight to go down he should have morehigh energy output sessions his splitisn’t inherently bad but his split isinefficient for his weight loss goalhaving said that a program not beingoptimal doesn’t mean you won’t getresultsit just means that for the resourcesthat you’re putting in you’re notgetting the best return on the second

need to be super aware that that volumeof training is obviously reallydemanding physically but alsoemotionally and i feel like fitnessshould add to your life and to do thatit can’t subtract from other areas thatare important to you will wants to writea badass autobiography but he’s draininghis energy and he’s breaking up hisrhythm during his writing sessions withtwo workouts a day at separate times inthe day when it stands in the way ofsomething that you love and something

resent fitness so it’s the time for theweigh-in at the end of week one bear inmind will has either had 9.2 sessionsthis week or 11.6 sessions this week222.222. it doesn’t feel rightwe might need to check that surfacei’ll put weight on so that’s a failurefor this weekpunching in some stupid numbers into hislittle stupidphonewith this whole stupid show we’re trying

[Music]helping people evolve that’s stupidit’s not stupidit’s the only thing that could make aperson happy i knowit doesn’t seem to be working right nowbutyeah i’m still on my period sothis whole part makes me feel really sadhonestly he’s spent the whole weekworking really hard maybe it’s the musicas well it’s making me feel really sadhe spent the whole week working really

method and the approach that he’s takena flawed he feels like he’s failed and ithink it makes memost sadthat’s terrible english i feel like itmakes me very sad because this is thepart where i see most people give upand i don’t want you to give upthis is the moment where you can tell agood peter your coach from anexceptional one like in that momentwhere he feels confused and frustratedhe needs someone to make him understand

if you have conviction in the processand you know it’s grounded in scienceyou need to make will go into thatweighing not caringwhat the weigh-in says because it’s waytoo early instead he just feels like afailure and that’s the end of episodeonejesusso in week one we’ll gained weight nowhis priority in week two should be tojust to stay level-headed and avoid anemotional reaction last week we’ll

you know and this was when he washitting the workouts pretty hardall right i’m going for three poundsthis week in week two he just tries togo all outand we can all guess what happens next[Music]i’m exhaustedi got nothingyeah we we all didn’t turn up for thesession today like alright always bumsme out when umwhen we miss this session i just want to

maybe i’ve skipped a part you know all idid was look away but maybe maybe thevideo skips yeah we’re in week two so ifhe can’t stick to this two weeks in thenwe have to stop kidding ourselves aboutsustainability you weren’t happy withthe result last week because your weightwas up no i was happy i was happy you’reokay but did you react to it in terms ofthe amount of food that you ate thisweekyeah see that’s nono

reactionum what did you do oh justlike 500 calories in the eggs eggboiled eggs raw vegetables that’s it thewhole day the whole day okay so i knowthat worked before you knowthis is where i feel for aaron becauseof what i said before like working withsuperstarsis dif it’s a different game like youcan see that aaron is unhappy he looksgenuinely concerned emotional reactionscan be dangerous because they can derail

knee-jerk reaction can completely throwyou off track so you just give upentirely or it can start a chainreaction of emotional responses that youjust can’t escape next we get a littleglimpse of will’s diet over the next 20weeks we’re going to try to set up asustainable diet that’s going to behealthy and he’s going to have all theenergy that he needs so this isguacamole crackers browsi say this in the most loving waypossible he just looks so tired but i am

i’m crossingyeah this is horrible sobut it’s not about taste no i can’tstress this enough the less enjoyable aworkout or diet the more discipline itrequires to maintain the more disciplineit requires to maintain the higher theprobability that you’re going to give upon it they don’t really show much moreof will’s diet throughout the series buti am surprised that given the budget ofthis production his team didn’t think tobring in a registered dietitian it’s the

nutrition and dietetics that i’ll everpartner with on my channel so i’m justreally surprised that his pt or doctordidn’t insist on bringing a registereddietitian in okay so we’re coming up tohis week for me weigh-in so he was upone pound after week one and after weekthree he’s finally down 2.2 pounds sohis body weight does eventually comedown it just needed time just because heput weight on after week one doesn’tmean his process wasn’t taking himtowards weight loss and in general

i recommend you don’t compare two datapoints unless they’re at least one monthapart you can always change your processif it’s not working but first you haveto knowif it’s not working so from this pointwe basically see a few weeks of willkicking his own ass like justdemolishing his own arse andhe’s working so hard like i have so muchrespect for him what he’s doing is not ajoke i meanhe’s climbing the burj khalifa that’s

air conditioning in that stairwellbecause dubai is so unbearably hot butthen he gets carried away and he goes alittle bit too hard which is a classictrap i see people fall into all the timeheat times can function like a racehorsein which you know he’ll just keep goinguntil he he diesor getsinjured went for a run i went for a runat 3am 3amhe’s in a real calorie deficit he’s

insane yeah he might be 10 pounds downand he’s 10 weeks in and he might feelenthusiastic and that can make you dolike crazy things but his pt needs to bethe voice of reason so he needs to bereally firm and then maybe five minutesafter that conversation they tell usabout this steps challenge they’vestartedthere’s a little bit of insanity that iwouldn’t say crept in it actuallyexploded in will got over 30 000 steps ithink 32-33

marathon with less steps than what hedid yesterday i’m gonna get as closeto death as i can tonight on thetreadmillwill already has a workout regime whereintense is an understatement30 000 steps i mean guys we mentionedsustainable at the start of this videoit’s not it’s not happeningsustainability has left the buildingit’s left the planet it’s halfway acrossthe universe at this point it’snon-existent

gazingit’s fairy dust it doesn’t exist thisshow has now purely become about willhitting that target weight at whatevercost and what happens nextwhat’s happeningi’ve had a hamstring issue now i’m aboutto get my ass shocked[Music]rehab well i can’t run in the morningand i talk to all that crap and then idon’t get to tradetomorrow but it’s 24 hours so i’ll run

a few more weeks we get to week 15 andwheels going for another weight check-in[Music]i figured it was a up weekgod damn itit’s terriblei’ve been doing thisstupid crapandi don’t care what i weigh todaywill looks insane right now like let’sjust think about it this guy’s 52 he’s15 weeks into a training regimen i can

coming through his goal at the start ofthis whole thing was to look and feelbetter but i can’t help but feel likesomehow the scale has just corrupted hisperspective like he looks sad aroundthis time i feel like we’re seeing thecracks of his excessive exerciseroutines start to break him and itreally was a matter of time i mean 15weeks he put up a good fight but it wasonly a matter of time he had a lot thathe was sort of working with this weekthere were sporadic workouts we didn’t

yeahso this week is going to be ridiculousso he was given a ridiculous workoutschedule he starts getting fatigued sohe’s missing some of his workoutsfinishing some of the workouts early andhis response to that is to just go evenharder just look at how ridiculous thisschedule now becomes5 15 wake upweigh inrunthen come back

then i’m into the bagthe first workoutand a second workout no no do a finisherjust to blow it outthen i’ve been doing the writing sessioni’ll get it luke’s done it’s 4 00 27 a.mnow we’re going runningi showed you guys what my workoutschedule was when i was in iron man hejust didfour sessions before midday so let’s saythere’s a bit of time for changing orwhatever that’s probably about three

man levels of training but guys he’sordered calorie deficitandhe’s also writing a memoir i don’t evenwant to hear a whisper of the wordsustainability don’t say it aaroni only got four hours and 28 minutes ofsleepin episode one will’s pt clearly writesdown minimum of eight hours of sleepguys we have so much science on thehealth implications of reduced sleep andthen from that point it’s just it’s just

it’s just it’s really not nice watchingsomeone struggle take out on otherpeople all of this is supposed to be setbefore we step in and start rolling andwe’re not supposed to step in and startrolling if you haven’t figured out howit works okay so what if we did a timeron a phone that you don’t bring a filmcrew and everything jazz if you don’thave everything set upi’m donewhat’s going on oh man he’s lookingpretty tired

to do really well in because he’s beenrunning non-stop for the last fourmonths but he gets a time that he’sreally unhappy with and i think becausehe’s been so focused and obsessed onlosing body weightother things have become harmed likeperformance strength functionalitypossibly even healthno gym today is that what he just saidyeah they just sentfroma uh

in the series where he’s coming in forhis week 16 weigh-in and he basicallycomes to terms with his pt that they’renot he’s not going to be down 16 pounds13 14 15 16 weeks16 weeks right so that’s that’s supposedto be roughly205. i’m not gonna be 205. no you knowand the thing that i’m trying to do alsois to not tap into my old mindsetbecause i can do anythingwhen i you knowtap into that soldier right so that’s

yeah harsh energies yeah yeah a moresustainable mindsetthis is one of my favorite parts of theshow because i feel like he finallyadmits that he can be really obsessivebut he wants to enjoy his life and as apart of that he wants to enjoy becominghealthier you can’t hate yourself andhate the process into becoming healthybecause that in itself is not healthyhealthy is being well of physical andmental state and if mentally you’regoing through something and you just

weight’s down how can he say he’shealthy in the last couple of weeks inthe series will starts to reduce hisworkouts a lot so that he can prioritizewriting on his book because he feelslike he’s fallen behind in his bookwriting i can’t help but feel like ifhe’d been more sustainable i’ma say theword if he’d had a more sustainableworkout routine where he wasn’t alwaysbreaking up his his workflow then hewould have been in a better positionwith his book as well and he could have

difficult is it to balance the book andthe fitness goalsi hadn’t i had no idea i was i was notpreparedumfor the level ofumpain and drainall right so here’s my last weigh-insometimes achieving the actual goalearns you almost nothing but the journeyitselfteaches you everything you need to know

after the 20 weeks i think he realizedthat it just wasn’t important what hereally wanted was to look and feelbetter and feel his best again and ireally hope that he found that forhimself that journey was hardlikereally hard and i think that if ibelieved it took that much work to losefat and become healthieri think i would just feel so intimidatedi’d be like there’s no way i’ve spentthe last few years studying the sport

sports scientists i partner withregistered dietitians who are the bestexperts out there on nutrition and idon’t believe it had to be this hard forhim to get results like i feel like i’vebeen on this journey myself in the lastfour months since my back injury and ihad more frustration just watching willthan i had at any point in my entirejourney and what i really hope for foreveryone is that by knowing that takingcare of your health doesn’t have to bethis miserable

feeling this low on your fat lossjourney or your muscle building journeyor whatever journey you’re onyou won’t give up on your mission you’lljust realize that you need to changeyour processand that’s pretty much everything iwanted to talk about so i hope you guyslike this video again please give me abig thumbs up hit the subscribe buttonif you’re not already subscribed alsohit the little notification bell and iwill see you guys very very soon i love


WHAT I ATE TO LOSE 42 LBS | WEIGHT LOSS MEAL PLAN FOR WOMEN | full day of eating + healthy recipes

welcome back to my channel i have got areally exciting video for you guys todayi’ve put together a weight loss mealplan for you guys and it’s reallycustomizable there are so many deliciousnew recipes and snacks in this videothat i’m going to show you i’ll beshowing you three main meals breakfastlunch and dinner as well as three snacksi’ve also got an amazing low caloriechocolate coffee drink so good i’m gonnashow you how to make all of theserecipes gluten and dairy free i think

but i’m gonna show you a vegan optionfor that too you can choose any of themeals and snacks from this video to geteither 1200 1400 1600 or 1800 caloriesper day i’m going to show you how tocustomize it at the end of this videolet’s just get started each meal will beroughly 400 calories and each snack willbe roughly 200 calories i’vespecifically created these meals andrecipes to be low in calories but tostill be filling to give you goodsustained energy these recipes are all

good protein and healthy fats justremember even with weight loss caloriesare not bad calories are actually reallygood and they’re good for us we needthem every day for energy and to behealthy it’s all about the small habitsthat you can be consistent with overtime that build up and create realresultsfor breakfast we are making healthyapple pie oatmeal it’s really easy tomake gluten and dairy free andplant-based first i mix half a cup of

hot water together in a small pot if youwant extra fluffy creamy oats you canpre-soak this for five to ten minutesbefore you cook it and if you do thatit’s actually quicker to cook the oatsbut you can start cooking them rightaway if you want to that’s just an extratip i’m cutting up one apple into smallpieces you can leave the peel on or youcan remove it either one works and i’vealso left a few slices on the side thati’ll be using as a toppingi pre-soaked the oats for about five

together cutting up the apple and theoats have gotten really fluffy as youcan see because i did that it’s gonnacook really quickly now once it’sstarted cooking i add the chopped appleinto it and after a few minutes ofcooking the apple gets nice and soft andit’s ready it’s a really nice quickbreakfast which is one of the reasonsthat i love it so much it’s also reallynice and filling really keeps me going imix half a teaspoon of coconut oil intoit after cooking this also helps to make

with a teaspoon of coconut sugar you canuse any sugar or sweetener that you likeor just leave it out if it’s sweetenough you’re ready with the apple somecinnamon and i love to add the tiniestpinch of nutmeg to me it makes it tasteso much like apple pie but the cinnamonby itself also just works great then i’mbreaking some walnuts into it i’m usingabout eight walnut halves i leave one ortwo on the side to use as a topping andi break the rest up into the oatmealgive it a stir and serve it into a bowl

that i kept aside you know just foraesthetics just to make it look good andbreaking up the lift of walnuts on topwith just a little extra sprinkle ofcinnamon if you use the amount ofingredients that i did it should beroughly 380 calories that leave someroom to make it 400 calories if you wantto add extra sweetener on top of that sothat’s a great healthy breakfast andit’s a great amount even if you’retrying to lose weight i really find itgives me lasting energy throughout the

posted this recipe on my blog for youguys at if you want tocheck it out there i’ll link that belowfor you the breakfast that i showed youtoday in this video is actually from myebook just breakfast i created therecipes in this ebook specifically tohelp you to kickstart your weight lossin the morning i just feel like yourbreakfast sets the tone for your entireday of eating and how you move forwardin your day between us i’m just aslikely to make one of these recipes from

likely as i am for breakfast there’smore than 50 healthy low calorie recipesin it so if you’re looking for some newbreakfast recipes some weight lossrecipes i’ll link that below for you[Music]i’m gonna show you a really easy healthyhot chocolate coffee drink that is only40 calories something that’s low incalories is really not going to affectyour weight loss so this is basically afree item you can add to your meal planthat can be a little pick-me-up a treat

it’s plant-based i add one heap teaspoonof instant coffee to a mug i use thisfreeze-dried decaf one you can use anykind one teaspoon of cocoa powder oneteaspoon of coconut sugar you can useany sweetener or sugar that you like ilike coconut sugar i add a small amountof hot water and mix it up to get rid ofany lumps and then i add more hot wateri’m estimating about one cup of hotwater in total and then i add about halfa cup of unsweetened almond milk thebrand i like to use is about 17 18

you can use any milk that you like andthat’s itthat’s the recipe it’s so easy to makeand so yummy it’s a great mid-morningpick-me-up or mid-afternoon pick-me-up iwas drinking my hot chocolate coffeeoutside and look who arrived raccoonsleethe resident squirrel that lives at thehouse that i’m currently renting she wasquite interested in my drink but i gaveher a walnut and a shell as a littlesnack we bought these nuts in the shells

[Music]for lunch i’m going to show you thisreally yummy healthy plant-basedsandwich it’s my new favorite lunch andit’s really easy to make i’m using halfa purple onion slicing it up you can usea regular brown onion too i’m reallyinto these purple onions right nowthey’re like sweet get that cooking in apan on the stove with a small amount ofcooking oil sprayi like to use avocado oil and it’s niceto get the onion a little bit

one medium red bell pepper and addingthat to the pan too once the onion hasstarted to cook this is going to beenough for two to four servings so thisis something i like to meal prep andthen it’s a really quick and easy lunchto throw together but i’m showing youhow to make everything now so oneserving would be about a quarter of anonion or less depending on how much youlike to use and about quarter to half abell pepper i’ll have extra for lunchtomorrow and the next day so while

beans drain and rinse the beans i’mactually adding them to a container andmeasuring out about a half a cup to abowl i’m showing you how to make oneserving but what i usually do is maketwo servings at once and then i’ll havethe other serving for the next day butfor each serving i use half a cup ofblack beans smash that in a bowl withthe back of a forkit doesn’t have to be perfect just roughand then i’m adding one teaspoon ofolive oil and one teaspoon of this

favorite you can use any kind of spicysauce that you like though and if youhate spicy sauce then just leave it outand you can add a bit of dried oregano ialso add some paprika that’s optionali’m just i just really like paprikaand some salt and some pepper and somelime juice definitely add the lime juicemix that up it really i know it reallydoesn’t look that great right now but ittastes really great in a sandwich youwill see so keep that aside for now i’mpeeling and cutting up some cucumber to

sandwich recipe but i try to sneak someextra veggies inwhere i can and i love cucumber slicesso i’m having them on the side it’s areally great little thing that you canthrow into this meal plan i’m justadding that to my plate so long and ijust keep tossing the vegetables on thestove as they cook when they’re done iadd some lime juice some salt and somepepper just a little bit and it’s prettyquick to cook like this in a pan itdoesn’t take long at all i’m serving

and i’ll keep the rest of it in thatcontainer in the fridge for meal prepi’m using two slices of bread andtoasting them this is the whole grainraw bread that i love that i always usebut you can use any kind of bread thatyou like use a gluten-free one if youare gluten-free this bread is reallydense and filling it’s about 120calories per slice most breads are about60 calories per slice so if you havebread that’s about 60 calories a sliceyou can use four slices of bread so this

allows for a lot you’re not gonna gohungry i have to cut my bread slices inhalf because they’re really really bigand they don’t fit into the toastertoasting the bread is optional i like todo that i add some of the spicy blackbeans on top of each slice it’s enoughfor four slices of bread and then youcan use as much of the vegetables as youlike on top as i said i use about aquarter to half of the amount that i’vemade and i’ll use the leftovervegetables and beans tomorrow for lunch

top it goes really nicely with this witha few fresh leafy greens also optionalbut it adds a nice touch makes it lookprettier add some extra greens into yourdiet really easy to make and it’s eveneasier to make if you’ve meal preppedthe vegetables and even the beans if youmade this how i made it using theamounts that i used the sandwich isaround 400 caloriesif you add some extra cucumber slices orsomething like that it adds aboutanother 20 calories it’s not a lot at

having here i’m just mentioning thecalories if you want to knowa super yummy healthy popcorn snack i’llbe showing you three different snackoptions in this video all of them areroughly 200 calories each so you can mixand match the snacks as you like i’madding 1 8 of a cup of popcorn kernelsto this microwave air popper it takesplus minus 2 minutes in the microwave topop you don’t need oil or anything withan a popper and the air poppers arepretty inexpensive you can get them on

done i’m serving that in a bowl andadding about a teaspoon of coconut sugaryou can use any sugar you like againsome cinnamon a bit of sea salt and thenrandom but it’s actually really goodit’s a good combination i added about 10cashew nuts a really fun yummy healthysnack it takes less than five minutes tomake it about 200 calories great for aweight loss snack great for a healthysnack it’s got some good whole carbs init from the air popped popcorn a bit ofhealthy fats and plant protein from the

for dinner we are makingsomething really good ihave been enjoying this for dinner we’remaking a mediterranean-inspired olivechicken with oven-baked potato wedgesand green beans this might sound likecomplicated and a lot but it’s not i’mgoing to show you step by step how tomake everything and i’ll also give you avegan option for the chicken i’m makingextra for meal prep so you’re going tosee me make more but for one portionyou’ll need roughly 200 grams of potato

however many meals you’d like to prepyou can cut the potato into wedge shapesor thick strips you can cut them howeveryou want i’m cutting them into sort ofthick wedge potato chip type things i’musing about four potatoes to make extrafor meal prep or about four portions intotal they didn’t all fit onto one trayand i don’t know what i was thinking ineeded a second tray i should have justdivided them equally between the twotrays but for some reason i loaded upthe one tray and then i left the other

anyway i added paprika salt and pepperto season the potatoes i’m reallyenjoying paprika at the moment you don’thave to add that you can use any spicesyou like oregano is also really good andi add that to an oven preheated to about380 degrees fahrenheit which is about190 degrees celsius and you can bakethat for about 40 to 60 minutes or aslong as it needs until it’s soft insidestarting to get a little bit crispy onthe outside that’s how i like them theni’m getting some green beans ready i’m

steamer i’ve done extra for rob as wellas i’m making dinner for him too but youcan do about 100 grams of green beansfor one portion so i’m not putting thaton yet i’m just setting that aside fornowyou can also use zucchini or broccoliinstead of the green beans if you preferthat and now i’m making themediterranean inspired marinade saucefor the chicken i’m slicing up abouteight kalamata olives into very finelittle pieces adding them to a small

teaspoon of oil i’m using avocado oilyou can use any kind about twotablespoons of coconut aminos or soysauce one teaspoon of maple syruppaprika again you can leave that outsome dried chili flakes just a fewdepending on how spicy you like itsome salt and some pepper and you canadd a squeeze of fresh lime juice toofresh lime juice just makes the flavorspop you can keep that marinade aside fornow and check the potatoes to see howthey’re doing you can turn them or toss

them back in the oven to finish cookingif they’ve still got a while to go thenjust go do something else come back whenthey’re ready when the potatoes areabout 10 minutes out you can turn thesteamer on to get the green beanscooking and you can get the chickencooking i’m heating a pan and addingsome chicken tenders to a pan you canuse skinless boneless chicken breastmeat and cut that into strips you canuse roughly 120 grams of chicken breastmeat per serving i’m making extra for

so for a vegan option you can use extrafoam tofu roughly 180 grams it’s goingto be brand dependent on the caloriesand i recommend using the cookinginstructions on the brand that you geton how to cook them in a pan you can usethe same marinade sauce that i’ve madewhat i’ve actually been doing is cookingthe chicken strips in a pan with no oilno sauce this way they don’t burn but itmakes the chicken nice and crispywithout burning it’s it’s really goodand i just leave it cooking on the one

cooking i flip them over near the endand then that one side’s so crispy andthen i add the sauce and then it goesreally quickly because it’s mostlycooked look at how juicy and crispy thatlooks that’s because i crisped them upso once the potatoes are done you cantake them out of the oven if you use theamounts that are recommended per portionyour meal should be roughly 400 caloriesso i’m serving some for myself here onmy plate and also some for rob but imade enough for about four portions so

if you want to do the calories of thismeal plan you can use about 200 grams ofthe raw potato for one serving as i saidearlier then i’m serving the green beansand then i’m serving some of the olivechicken for each of us when i serve thechicken out i take some of the sauce andthe olives from the pan and drizzle themover the chicken too and if you want touse the calorie guard for this meal planyou’d use roughly 120 grams of the rawchicken and if you did the vegan optionyou’d be serving the tofu out for

extra foam tofu depending on the brandwhat i really like to do the next daywith the leftovers of the potato and thechicken is cut them up and throw theminto a salad with some leafy greens somecucumbers some avocado olive oil a bitof lime juice there’s so many differentcombinations you can do but it adds somuch to the salad it’s really good andthat’s dinner it’s really filling it’snutritious it definitely keeps me goingand it’s roughly 400 calories using theamounts that i mentioned i’ve really

making baked fries wedges so much ladyso depending on how hungry you’refeeling or depending on the calories youwanted to have in your meal plan youmight want to have another snack i’mgoing to show you two more snack optionsthis one is very basic and simple buti’ve been loving it so much i thoughti’d include it i’ve been eating a lot oforanges lately i’m going through anorange phase i guess you could say ilove to cut up an orange and have it ina bowl with some vanilla yogurt

good i use vanilla coconut yogurt i useeither the vanilla kalina yogurt or theso delicious unsweetened vanilla coconutyogurt i always go back to that one butyou can use any kind of yogurt dairy orplant-based i’m using a vegan oneif you use one large extra large orangethat’ll be roughly 100 caloriesyou can use another fruit like onemedium banana or one pair those willalso be roughly 100 calories i’ve beenbuying these giant oranges they’re sojuicy

hundred calorie serving of whateveryogurt you use so that’s what i’veserved out and that’s really going to bebrand dependent on theamount that you’re going to serve that’sgoing to be roughly 100 calories withthe snack you’re getting some extravitamin c some healthy fats some fiberand it’s roughly 200 caloriesthis is another 200 calorie snack or alittle dessert it’s so simple to makebut it’s actuallyquite a fun little snack dessert using

mini banana split i’m cutting one bananain half lengthways and i’m adding abunch of toppings so you can do eitherone tablespoon of almond or peanutbutter and a drizzle of maple syrup likehalf a teaspoon some cinnamon a few darkchocolate chips or you can do thecombination of one teaspoon of almond orpeanut butter a teaspoon of maple syrupdrizzled on topcinnamon and about one tablespoon ofdark chocolate chips you can even throwa few unsweetened coconut flakes on top

so if you do less almond or peanutbutter you can go crazy with thechocolate chips things like that if youdo either one of those combinationsyou’ll have roughly 200 calories or justover i’ve used peanut butter here andsome lilies dark chocolate chips they’resweetened with stevia it’s a nice littlehealthier snack or dessert i like to usequite a wrap banana as it’s much sweeterand that’s another snack option that’sroughly 200 calories so you can mix andmatch these snacks as you like i’m also

three-day eating plan on my blog you cango download it and get it there if youhaven’t already i know a lot of you guyshave downloaded that already but if youhaven’t i’m going to link below for youand you can go get it there and it’sgoing to be another exampleof a healthy weight loss meal plan thisone you can download and you can keep iton your phone or on your ipad or anydevice that you have in case you’relooking for some more healthy ideas orinspiration i’m gonna link a few more

below for you some playlists that i’vemade one of them contains a whole lot ofmeal plans that i’ve done on youtubethey’re gonna be similar to this videothat you just watched i’m also going tolink below for you a playlist that’sgoing to help you to kick-startyour health goals and your fitness goalsmake sure you subscribe if you haven’talready and like this video if you didenjoy it and don’t forget to turn on thenotifications if you haven’t alreadyi’ve got a lot of exciting videos coming

really want to help you guys tokickstart your health and fitness goalsso turn on the notifications stay tunedfor my next video and i will see youthenkeep in mind that we’re all differentand so every person has differentcalorie needs to lose weight in ahealthy wayif you’d like to follow a 1400 caloriediet you can prepare all of the threemain meals that i showed you in thisvideo and choose one of the healthy

diet you can have all three meals eachday and just leave out the snacks but atleast i’ll have the low calorie hotchocolate coffee i mean it’s only 40calories it’s basically a free item fora 1 600 calorie diet you can have allthree meals and choose two of the threesnacks so that you’d have three mealsand two snacks per day and for a 1 800calorie diet you can have all threemeals and all three snacks as i showedyou in this video for whatever caloriemeal plan you’re going for you can add

coffee as a free item keep in mind thatsomething as small as 40 calories isbasically irrelevant it’s not going tothrow your whole day of eating off inany way calories are not bad caloriesare actually really good for us we needthem for energy and to be healthy youdon’t need to be scared of them so thatyou can mix and match the meals and thesnacks i’ve made all three mealsbreakfast lunch and dinner all roughly400 calories while i’ve made all of thesnacks roughly 200 calories each this is

people who are trying to lose weightit’s only intended for short-term uselong-term calorie restriction is not agood idea and i always recommendstarting with more calories per day evenif you’re trying to lose weight i try tobe consistent with small habits likedrinking lots of water daily and eatingvegetables every day it’s really aboutthe small habits that you can beconsistent with over time that builds upand creates results for gettinghealthier or for losing weight as always

doctor your gp your physician or yourdietitian to see if this meal plan orone like this is suitable for you andyour personal health needs and goalswe’re all different so keep that in mind

Is Salmon Keto or Is Crab Keto

Are Crab legs Keto and on the Keto diet? Is Salmon Keto friendly?

Is crab Keto friendly? This is what our team will find out. And we are asking you to help us.

Salmon is keto friendly and it’s good for you. According to the American Heart Association, eating fish can lower your risk of heart disease and stroke, reduce your bad (LDL) cholesterol, and raise your good (HDL) cholesterol. Fish can also help prevent digestive problems, memory loss and Alzheimer’s disease.

Yes, salmon is one of the best foods for Keto diet. Salmon is a fatty fish and contains good proteins that are very helpful for your body. Salmon are high in omega-3 fatty acids which help in lowering cholesterol levels, improving circulation, and reducing inflammation.

It also has B12 which helps in the production of red blood cells that carry oxygen to all parts of the body. It also helps in the development of nervous system and aids in proper functioning of brain.

Salmon is rich in Vitamin D which helps your immune system to fight infections & regulate blood pressure levels. It also helps to protect you from serious diseases such as diabetes & cardiovascular disease.

Salmon can be eaten both raw as well as grilled or roasted. You can have it with lemon juice & onions or any other vegetables. It tastes good when it is grilled with oil, salt, and pepper. You can have it with any kind of salad or vegetables like spinach or lettuce etc. But make sure you don’t overdo it on veggies as they will slow down digestion process of protein that salmon contains.

However, eating salmon once a week or so as a treat will be good for your body and help prevent many diseases such as heart disease and cancer. Salmon contains omega 3 fatty acids which are essential to human health. One study from Harvard Medical School found that people who eat fish regularly have a 19% lower risk of death from coronary heart disease. Omega 3 fatty acids also reduce triglyceride levels, blood pressure and other markers of cardiovascular health.

Salmon also helps the brain perform at its best by providing nutrients that are essential to brain development and function. Eating salmon can also contribute to better sleep quality and help reduce the symptoms of depression and anxiety.

This powerhouse of nutrition also helps fight cancer growth because it provides an impressive number of antioxidants such as vitamin D, selenium, vitamin A, vitamin E, calcium, iron, and zinc. All these nutrients are important in preventing cancer cell growth and survival.

We hope that our team will help you find interesting information about crab and salmon, which will help you in your everyday life


If you’re wondering if crab is Keto, yes, it is!  You can enjoy crab legs and crab cakes keto style.

Crab is a great source of protein, much like salmon or chicken. Crab is also rich in vitamins and minerals such as selenium, phosphorus, zinc, and B vitamins.

Crab meat is low in carbs and can fit into any Keto diet. If you’re looking for a healthy seafood dish that you can enjoy while on the Keto diet, then crab will be a great addition to your menu plans.

If you are wondering what the best ways are to prepare crab legs or crab meat so that it fits into your Keto diet, then here are some simple tips:

For crab legs simply remove all the meat from the shell with a knife or fork and enjoy. If you would like to season them first, then you can use extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice for taste. Be sure to season lightly since there isn’t any need for excess salt since crabs already have enough salt in them naturally.


How many carbs are in crab legs?

Crab legs typically have 4g net carbs per 1oz serving, but that varies depending on the preparation method.

To prepare crab legs for the ketogenic diet, remove the shell from each leg and cut off the flaps at the end of each leg. You can also remove the tomalley and fat from within each leg. That will significantly reduce your carb count!

Find more info here:

Are Crab Legs Keto or On the Keto Diet? – What’s In Your Food? –


Is Salmon Keto and On the Keto Diet? –

What’s In Your Food? –

Salmon is one of the best fish to eat on the keto diet. That’s because it has a good amount of fat but also provides you with a healthy dose of protein.

Salmon is also very good for your heart. If you are looking for something to help lower your cholesterol levels, then salmon is your way to go. It’s rich in omega 3 fatty acids which provide essential nutrients and helps reduce inflammation.

Salmon also contains vitamin D, which helps strengthen your immune system and promotes a healthy nervous system.

In addition to this, salmon is low in mercury which is great for children and pregnant women.

If you are not eating fish or any other seafood, salmon can be a great option as it’s easy to find at most grocery stores and it’s affordable as well. Salmon is one of the healthiest foods that you can eat while on the Keto diet.

But what about things like crab legs? Are crab legs Keto? Well, if you are following the Keto diet then you’re going to want to avoid shellfish/crab legs (among other foods). The reason why you want to avoid shellfish/crab legs while on the Ketogenic diet is because they contain a lot of carbs and will throw you

  1. Salmon is Keto and on the Keto Diet

  1. Crab Legs are Keto

  1. Crab meat is on the Keto diet

  1. Crab meat is Keto

  1. White crab meat is keto

  1. King crab is keto

  1. Alaskan King crab legs are Ketogenic Diet

  1. Alaskan king crab legs are keto




Keto diet is a low carbohydrate and high fat diet. It’s similar to the Atkins diet but has a few differences.

If you’re on a keto diet, you eat foods that have a high fat content and minimal carbohydrates. But does crab fit into the keto diet?

Crab is a shellfish and like all shellfish, it’s high in cholesterol and sodium. However, crab is also packed with several essential vitamins and minerals including vitamin B12, niacin, selenium, calcium, and phosphorus.

The Keto Diet plan encourages people to eat foods that they can easily digest such as meat and fresh produce without much processing.


But how Keto friendly are crab legs?

Crab contains almost 10 grams of protein per serving which makes it a good addition to your Keto diet plan. Crab is also rich in healthy fatty acids such as omega-3 fatty acids, CLA and DHA. It also contains carotenoids such as alpha carotene which helps maintain healthy vision while lutein protects the retina from macular degeneration. **

I am not a big fish eater, but I do love crab legs. I love any seafood really. I was wondering if crab legs are keto diet and on the keto diet. I have been eating a lot of crab legs, but I need to know if they are good for me and on the keto diet.

Is crab Keto and on the Keto diet is a question that is best answered by our crab nutrition facts. Crab meat will be a favorite food that you can enjoy as a keto diet, but there are some things you should know about crab. This doesn’t make it unhealthy; it just helps to know how to properly enjoy crab so that you can keep the rest of your body in ketosis.

The first thing to know about crab legs and is they are high in saturated fat. One serving of this food contains approximately 7 grams of saturated fat which isn’t something that should be consumed every day since it could negatively affect your heart health. The good news is that this food is also rich in other nutrients such as protein and vitamin B12.

When choosing crab meat, you want to look for the type that comes from the soft-shell crabs since they contain fewer calories, carbohydrates and fats than their hard shell counterparts. You should also be aware of how much crab meat you’re consuming at one time, since the calories can add up quickly if you’re not careful, especially if you’re gorging yourself to get more protein into your diet. To avoid getting over-full on this food, keep track of your portions and try to eat it

Let’s face it. The keto diet is tough to follow. You’re pretty much stuck with a strict regimen of meat, seafood, and vegetables. And in many ways, crab is not included in the ketosis diet plan.

Is crab Keto and the Keto diet? Well, I have to say that I haven’t been following the diet, so I don’t know. But in terms of being on a low carb diet, most seafood is okay. That includes crab legs.

Ingredients can be a problem with crabs, depending on how they are cooked. If they are breaded there can be a lot of carbs in them. So, you would have to check with the restaurant and see what they put on these crabs.

So, if you decide to include crabs in your low carb diet, just make sure they are not breaded. Or make sure you only eat the meat and not the rest of it.

On a Keto diet? Crab legs are delicious, but are they Keto? There are so many conflicting opinions about crab legs and the Keto diet.

According to the keto guidelines, you must avoid crab legs because of the high levels of cholesterol and fat in them. The reason for avoiding crab legs is not that serious because you can always go on a keto crab leg cheat day or make some adjustments to your normal keto diet to allow some crab legs.

The Keto diet is designed to allow 20-50 grams of net carbs per day. So it seems that crab legs are off limits on this diet, but the truth is that one serving of crab legs has less than 10 grams of carbs. So you will be able to enjoy your cheat day with these seafood delicacies without feeling guilty about it.


Are Crab Legs Keto, can you eat crab on Keto, Is Crab Keto?

If you are looking for a way to get more fat in your diet, crab legs may be just what you need.

It’s true that they contain carbohydrates, but the amount of carbs is very low and easy to work around if you are following a ketogenic diet.

You can check out this article here:

Or if you want to find out how to make Keto Crab Cakes, then click here:

And if you want to see the health benefits from eating crab legs on a keto diet, then check out this article:

According to the official keto diet website, a crab leg is not Keto friendly. The Keto diet is a low carb, high fat and moderate protein diet. Crab legs are high in carbs and should be avoided if you follow the Keto diet.

However, some people have argued that crab legs are surprisingly low on carbs when compared to other seafood options. According to Calorie Count, a serving of 8 ounces of crab contains 0 grams of carbs and 3 grams of protein. If you eat one serving of crab per week, you’ll be consuming only 4 grams of carbs.

If you’re on the fence about eating crab legs while following the Ketogenic diet, you may want to consider adding them on occasion as an occasional treat. Crab can be prepared quickly and easily by steaming it with butter or garlic and olive oil, or by broiling it in the oven with a little bit of lemon juice squeezed over each piece.


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Are Olives Keto and they are Keto Friendly

Keto is a new diet trend, low carb, olives are keto.


Today we are going to talk about olives and the keto diet.


Olive oil is very rich in monounsaturated fat, which is good for our health. This type of olive oils that you can find in the market is called virgin olive oils. There are many types of olive oil that you can use on your keto diet. You must know that there are two types of olive oil, extra virgin olive oil and virgin olive oil. The first one is the one you want to use on your keto diet because it has a higher amount of healthy nutrients than the second type.

The best thing about using extra virgin olive oil on your keto diet is that it has a low amount of carbohydrate, so it will fit perfectly with your low carb menu. Extra virgin olive oil has also many antioxidants and other nutrients that will help you fight depression, cancer cells, and heart problems.

All the information above needs to be taken carefully but only if you want to make everything work out perfectly for you while on this diet. Olive oil isn’t just good for your health but also for your skin, hair, and nails because it’s full of vitamins A, beta carotene and vitamin E. It will also help you lose weight faster if you add it

Are you on keto diet or are you just curious about this strange eating craze? If so, then you might want to know more about keto diet and the foods included in it.

Low carb, olives are keto.

The advantages of a low carb diet including olives

How many olive types are there, and which ones are best for keto diet?

You stand at the kitchen counter, hands on hips, surveying your dinner options. Your eyes drift to the usual suspects: crackers, rice cakes, corn chips. But then you notice the olives in the jar next to the peanut butter. Ahh. Olives are keto! And they’re so salty and briny and satisfying…

Let’s talk about how awesome olives are as a keto food. They’re low carb, high fat, and they come in a variety of flavors. Plus, they’re fun to eat. We’ll cover all that in this article.

In this article I will give you some information about olive nutrition and olive health benefits as well as tips for preparing them for ketogenic cooking. I will also give you some recipes for using them in your keto meals and snacks.

Hope you enjoy!



Keto is a new diet trend, low carb, olives are keto.


Keto diet is short for ketogenic diet. The word “keto” comes from the Greek word for “ketos,” meaning “sea creature,” so keto is a bit of a misnomer, since it’s not about aquatic life.

Still, keto gets to the heart of what the diet is all about: The body can’t store glucose very well, so it relies on circulating high levels of blood sugar to supply energy. When there isn’t enough glucose around to fuel cells in the body and brain, you enter a state called ketosis.

Olive oil is a good fat for your keto diet, and it’s also a great flavor for your food. You can eat olive oil on a ketogenic diet.

Olive oil is a monosaturated fat, and it provides your body with energy. The fat that is found in olives is mostly monounsaturated fats. Olive oil helps lower your cholesterol, and the antioxidants found in olive oil help protect your cells from damage. You can use olive oil when you cook without worrying about the temperature affecting its quality.

Ketogenic diets are beneficial for people who are overweight or obese, and it can help them lose weight as well as control their blood sugar levels. It’s also helpful in preventing obesity-related conditions like heart diseases and diabetes. A low carbohydrate diet includes many kinds of foods including vegetables and fruits, seafood, meat, poultry, eggs and cheese. Olive oil is an important part of the meals you will be eating on a ketogenic diet.

There are various kinds of olives to choose from, including green olives (which are picked before they ripen), black olives (these are not actually black; they’re picked ripe) and Kalamata olives (which come from Greece). All types of these olives

For anyone who is following a ketogenic diet, olive oil is an excellent choice. It contains lots of monounsaturated fat and a negligible amount of carbs. The monounsaturated fat will help you to lose weight and the lack of carbohydrates will help keep the weight off.

Keto fried chicken recipes, keto foods to eat, keto drinks, keto desserts. Keto is a new diet trend, low carb, olives are one of the best keto foods. Olive oil and avocados are both amazing keto foods. What’s your favorite keto food?

Keto diet, or a keto diet, is a very low-carb diet, which turns the body into a fat-burning machine. It has many proven benefits for weight loss, health, and performance.

This article will tell you:

What is keto, how to start a keto diet including olives, the benefits of this diet and which types of olive oil are best for a keto diet.

This diet is growing in popularity because it works! But it’s not for everyone. See below for more details about why this diet works so well and who should and shouldn’t consider following it.



What Is A Keto Diet?



The ketogenic (keto) diet is not a newfangled weight-loss scheme. In fact, it’s been used to treat drug-resistant epilepsy since the 1920s, thanks to its ability to suppress seizures. Over the past decade, though, scientific scrutiny of the ketogenic diet has uncovered some powerful benefits beyond its potential to control seizures. For example:

It may reduce inflammation and oxidative stress

It may improve insulin sensitivity ( 1 , 2 , 3 )

It may increase longevity ( 4 )

It may improve energy levels and athletic endurance

Ketogenic eating is a low carbohydrate and high fat diet that offers many health benefits.

There are several good reasons to consider a ketogenic eating plan.

Ketogenic diets have been shown to reduce inflammation, improve energy and vitality levels, aid in weight loss and improve insulin sensitivity.

Hi, I’m Jane. I just started the Keto diet. Can you tell me which type of olives are the best for this diet?

I am looking for tasty and low carb pickled green olives.

I’d like to know if there is a difference between sliced black or green olives regarding carbs or fat content.

What are some good brands of this type of olive? I have a hard time finding them in my grocery store.

Thank you for your advice!

Keto is a low carbohydrate diet that restricts the amount of carbohydrates you eat. When you eat fewer carbohydrates, your body turns to fat for energy.

The keto diet is addictive and one of the most popular diets in use today. It’s also a great way to lose weight fast. Lots of people report losing 10, 15, 20 pounds or more. There are lots of guides to keto out there and I read around for the best ones. I personally like the Atkins diet guide because it’s been around forever so it must be good. There are lots of different types of olives to choose from. Some olives can be used as snacks, but others are healthy salads. Some olives can be baked or grilled while others are fried and delicious! *





Low carb diets are not new. The ketogenic (ketone-generating) diet was developed in the 1920s as a treatment for epilepsy and became widely used in the 1970s. It is still used along with medication to treat refractory cases of childhood epilepsy but has also been studied as the basis for a weight loss treatment.

I am not keto, but I want to be. I just want to know more about the diet and the science behind it and I want to know all the yummy recipes that you can eat. Also, I want to know if olives are keto.


* []

Keto diet is a very low carbohydrate diet. The ketogenic diet has become popular for weight loss, diabetes, and epilepsy. The keto diet is also known as the ketogenic diet, low carb diet and low carb high fat (LCHF).

Tutorials and videos are a great way of learning about keto diet and which foods to avoid.

Ketosis is the result of eating a very low-carb diet (below 50 grams of net carbs per day) so that the body starts producing ketones in the liver, which are produced from the breakdown of fats in the absence of carbohydrates. This will keep happening until either you eat some carbs, or you have used up all your body’s glycogen stores. When your body is unable to get glucose from carbs, your liver then produces glucose from stored fat (thus, the term “keto-adaptation”), which is one reason why it’s so effective for weight loss.

A keto diet is way of eating that is very low in carbohydrates, moderate in protein and high in fat. You may have seen it on social media as the

There are many types of olives, but only a few are used in the United States. There are hundreds of varieties of olives from all over the world, but most American companies use only a handful.

As with every diet trend, you must choose the right one. The ketogenic diet is low carb, but it’s not really a diet at all; it’s a way of eating. A list of foods that are allowed on the keto diet includes wild salmon and avocado; among vegetables, kale, and chard; and for dessert, avocados.

So not only are these foods low-carb by definition; they’re also healthy. What could be better?

It’s not true that every diet is a solution looking for a problem. For example, no one would recommend a diet rich in olive oil if there was an alternative like butter or lard. But in the case of keto, there isn’t an alternative: butter and bacon are fine for everyone else. It’s hard to think of a better reason to eat them too.

There is a new diet fad, low carb. But if you read what is written about it, it might appear to have certain advantages: you will lose weight because your body uses less energy, and it will be easier to stay in shape. So, who wouldn’t want to try out a diet that will help them lose weight and keep their waistline trim?

But while there are things the low-carb diet proponents have got right, they have got some things wrong too.

The low-carb diet idea came from a study of mice. The researchers fed the mice a high-fat diet, and as expected, their bodies were resistant to insulin and their blood sugar levels remained high. (For most people this means being hungry all the time.) They tried giving the mice a low-fat diet, which made them diabetic. Then they tried feeding them a normal mouse-chow diet; this was fine for the mice but disastrous for the study author’s career. After two failed attempts at studying diabetes in pigs and dogs, someone decided that it would be better to feed lab rodents nothing but olive oil instead of feeding them anything else. He or she was going to use the “golden ration” of olive oil as the standard for human beings too.



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Seiso Meaning is Seiso Japanese

Seiso/Shining: This meaning is Japanese for cleaning the work place and all equipment.

The objective of Seiso is to clean work place where by using the senses you detect possible problems before they happen. The Seiso meaning creates a better workplace, once you have eliminated the clutter and junk that has been disrupting your work areas and tagged and located the necessary items, the next step is to eliminate these items and clean the work area.

Seiso is a Japanese word meaning cleaning. Cleaning aids in the modern day work environment, improving productivity by creating a well maintained working environment. The world we live in today is one in which our focus has widened compared to previous generations. With numerous notifications vying for our attention and many distractions around us at all hours of the day, it is important that we find a routine that helps us keep an open mind and stay focused on what matters.

The Seiso meaning is a word with little literal translation into English. But, it carries significant meaning across many eastern cultures where it has been used as a method of cleaning and organization for centuries. In the past decade Seiso has gained popularity in Western cultures by means of new business practices and techniques, which are being shown to be highly effective.

There are 5s of Kaizen. it can be used in the workplace, in Life

The 5S of Kaizen

In business, we say that there are 5 ‘S’ words for Kaizen. 5S itself has in fact grown to become something of a shorthand in business.

So what are the 5S? Well, they are:

Seiri/Sorting: This means that you keep your work in the
designated area and keep it organized.

Seiton/Systematic Arrangement: This means that you arrange
your items in the optimum manner for efficient retrieval. This is
extremely important for logistics and storage businesses for
instance, and we see it in valet parking also!

Seiso/Shining: This means cleaning the work place and all
equipment. This can reduce errors further down the line.

Seiketsu/Standardizing: This means using standard processes
that can be repeated, tested, and fixed.

Shitsuke/Sustaining: This means that you must maintain
adherence to the previous four S.

Kaizen, is the philosophy of using small steps, or contributions, that work towards a big change, or ‘big picture’. It focuses on you and me, the individuals that form part of a small business, corporation and even a country. It encompasses the little things that can be changed by each one of us, on the path to becoming better, healthier, fitter Human Beings.

This is achieved by concentrating and improving on the little things that with time, effort and consistency, add up to a way of life, creating success almost effortlessly. To get to this point, we have to conquer our bad eating habits, cogitating, lack of activity and stress.


The Kaizen Advantage

We have to take small, but steady steps towards achieving our goals, no matter what they might be! We can use the power and effectiveness of Kaizen, to accomplish all of this.
Kaizen is a long term commitment. It takes a long term view and the most important principles are that it is a daily, continuous and steady exercise. It is not important that huge and sudden improvements are made. Small improvements are great and it is important that you continually look at ways of making things better, no matter how small. You know the saying, “if it works, why change it?” Well, the Kaizen philosophy suggests that there are always ways to improve things, no matter how small that these changes may be.


While this system was originally designed for manufacturing once
again, it can work just as well in any other type of business OR
many aspects of your personal life.

Has 5s Kaizen (Organization) been Enhanced to 6s



Now added is Safety to the 5s Kaizen Workplace Organization created by  Toyota Production Systems

Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu, Shitsuke and Safety

To be happy, to make others around them happy, to live life to it’s fullest. These are the top three reasons we seek to continually improve in life. Without happiness, smiling faces around us and living life to the fullest, what type of life would we live?

Today, I would like to introduce you to a little something called Kaizen – many of you may have heard of this before, but to some, this may be a foreign word. Simply put, it is a Japanese management strategy that can be incorporated into all areas of your life, from work situations to personal life issues and the management thereof.

Roughly translated, it means; “Continuous slow improvement, or good change.” 5s Kaizen, is the philosophy of using small steps, or contributions, that work towards a big change, or ‘big picture’. It focuses on you and me, the individuals that form part of a small business, corporation and even a country. It encompasses the little things that can be changed by each one of us, on the path to becoming better, healthier, fitter Human Beings.

This is achieved by concentrating and improving on the little things that with time, effort and consistency, add up to a way of life, creating success almost effortlessly. To get to this point, we have to conquer our bad eating habits, cogitating, lack of activity and stress. We have to take small, but steady steps towards achieving our goals, no matter what they might be! We can use the power and effectiveness of  5s Kaizen, to accomplish all of this.

Kaizen is a long term commitment. It takes a long term view and the most important principles are that it is a daily, continuous and steady exercise. It is not important that huge and sudden improvements are made. Small improvements are great and it is important that you continually look at ways of making things better, no matter how small. You know the saying, “if it works, why change it?”

Well, the 5s Kaizen philosophy suggests that there are always ways to improve things, no matter how small that these changes may be. We all know that it is better to prevent a problem than to fix one. By incorporating the Kaizen principles into your life, any obstacle to your success can be removed, even if it is one step at a time. Just remember, a thousand mile walk begins with the first step.

How to start?

You have to start with your mind. What motivates you? What is your reason for wanting to do whatever it is you want to do, be it weight loss, planning a trip, or improving your financial well-being? How will reaching those goals make you feel and how it might change your life?

We have to learn to be patient. This can only be measured by your commitment to your goals. You are committing to changes to improve your life and this will not change over- night. As they say, Rome was not built in a day! When you have embraced the Kaizen philosophy, you will not be put off by setbacks, but will enhance your vision with objectives based on time lines and measuring your success on a daily basis, by sticking to your commitment.

Well now it’s time to take a closer look into this subject of Kaizen, through this short journey we are going to uncover exactly what Kaizen is, the history behind it, the different types of Kaizen, how to create a Kaizen environment in your home, and much more.

Kaizen is a system which requires interaction and participation from all employees, from the front line crew to the upper management and even CEO of the company. Everyone is encouraged to brainstorm and come up with suggestions for improvement on a regular basis. It is a continuous activity, carried out throughout the year.

Employees from all levels of a company work together proactively to achieve continuous, small and incremental
improvements to the business processes. In this way, different levels of experiences and skills can be brought together to create very powerful techniques for making improvements in the company’s processes.

Kaizen is a process, which if performed correctly, humanizes the workplace, eliminates hard work while encouraging smart work, and motivates people to conduct experiments based on their suggestions, learn to identify and reduce wastes in the business processes.

When Kaizen is implemented as an action plan through a series of Kaizen events, it teaches employees to think in different ways about their work. They are pushed to think how their current work can be further improved in order to achieve greater success.

Implementing Kaizen in workplace

There are three stages in implementation of Kaizen in any organization.

1. Encourage participation To ensure active participation from all employees, it is necessary that first awareness about Kaizen is created. After the necessary awareness training sessions are provided, conduct and promote Kaizen events and provide rewards to employees on successful implementations of ideas which are the results of these events. In such events, direct involvement of management is also important.

2. Training and Education A proper training is required for executives to learn the essence of Kaizen. The management level should thoroughly understand Kaizen in an organizational vision context, which needs to be followed vigorously to achieve the desired business results. They must also be taught how to be impartial towards
everyone and encourage their employees to actively participate.

3. Quality level improvement After training is completed, people should remain focused on making changes towards improvement. They should take measures to start making small and incremental changes towards achieving long term goals, like improving efficiency, processes and quality.

In organizations where Kaizen is being implemented, transparency between different levels of the organization is very crucial. Effective communication should take place between all the levels of employees. While employees are brainstorming for ideas, it is important that management also gets involved in these sessions.

The manager also should ensure that their suggestions and ideas are being acted upon immediately and not delayed by a week or month. Employees should be kept informed about other activities going on in the team and how their ideas are being worked upon.

In order to get what you want from life, you first need to know what that is. How can you fulfil your potential if you don’t know who you are or what makes you happy? This is why goal setting is such a crucial skill to cultivate and something that everyone should spend more time learning. If you don’t know what your goals are, then life becomes a little like going on a journey with no destination. Even if you might enjoy the journey, you’re still going to risk ending up somewhere you don’t want to be and you certainly won’t take the most efficient route to get there!

So, it’s simple right? You just have to ask yourself what you really want from life and then go and get it. Right?
Unfortunately not. Unfortunately, goal setting is anything but easy and is very much a skill in itself. The problem is that not many people realize this and they never think to assess the quality of the goals themselves. They blame their motivation, their circumstances or even other people. But rarely do they assess whether the gault might lie with the goal itself.

In this guide, you’re going to learn what makes a great goal and you’re going to discover how to formulate goals and targets that you can actually stand a good chance of completing. Once you’ve finished, you might well realize why life hasn’t yet turned out quite the way you want it.

An Example of Bad Goal Setting

To understand how to write a good goal, it can help to first take a look at what makes a bad goal. Why is it that some goals just don’t work out the way they should? What should we do differently to avoid this happening the next time? Let’s imagine for a moment that you want to get into shape. You’re planning on losing weight and building muscle – which is a pretty popular goal that an awful lot of people are interested in accomplishing.

In this case, a typical goal might involve writing down the ideal bodyweight and/or measurements that you are trying to reach and then setting yourself a target – 3 months, 6 months or 1 year. And then you get to it! But this is a goal that is destined to failure. Why? Because it is far too vague, far too distant and far too out of your control.Let’s fast forward two weeks, at which point you have hopefully been training hard for a while and changing your diet. Suddenly, life starts to get in the way.

You find yourself bogged down with other things you have to do and you just don’t have the time or energy to make it to the gym today. Or tomorrow. And Wednesday is looking tricky. So is Thursday. But it’s okay. Because you don’t need to work out. Not working out on those days is not breaking your goal. You have plenty of time to reach your goal and it is up to you how you are going to go about making it happen.

So, if you take time off today, you’ll just put some more time in tomorrow. Or the next day. If this week is a write-off, then you can always make up for it next week. And so it continues, week after week, until you get to the end of your allotted time span and you realize you’ve blown any chance of accomplishing that goal. Or how about this alternative scenario? Imagine that you did put in the time and you worked very hard every day to get into shape.

But the pounds just didn’t come off. Maybe this is due to a slow metabolism, maybe it boils down to people offering to take you out for dinner too frequently.Either way, you get to a certain point and you realize once again that you aren’t going to make it. Even though you tried your best.

So, what do you do? You give up, disheartened, and you leave it a long time before you ever try again.

A Better Goal

So, let’s imagine that same scenario but this time write the goal correctly. What would a good goal look like if you wanted to lose weight and build muscle? For starters, you should remove the time element. Instead of aiming to accomplish something in X number of days, how about you instead aim to do something every day. Look at the goal that you want to accomplish and then break that down into much smaller steps. In order to lose weight, you need to eat 2,000 calories or less a day. And you need to work out three times a week.
If you can do that, then you will eventually notice changes – be they big or small. So instead of focusing on the end goal, set yourself a short-term goal. This is something that is entirely within your control – meaning that you cannot ‘fail’ for reasons outside of your control. It is also completely resistant to being put off or delayed. You can’t ‘work out today’ tomorrow! Likewise, a slow metabolism isn’t going to prevent you from eating only 2,000 calories.

Jerry Seinfeld explains a technique that he uses in order to make sure he sticks to these kinds of goals and he calls it ‘the chain’. The idea is that he builds a chain as he completes his daily targets and this then creates an immense pressure not to break the chain.
You can do this with a calendar and a pen. So, every day that you successfully work out, you put a tick on the calendar for that day.

This will then start to gradually build up a row of ticks and over time, you will come to feel proud of that row of ticks and not want to ruin it by missing one. You won’t want to ‘break the chain’.Whether you use this additional strategy or not, the point is that you should write goals that are immediate and simple. Meanwhile, you can let the overarching objective ‘take care of itself’.

Is Your Goal Too Ambitious?

There’s nothing wrong with an ambitious goal. Many people say that ‘dreaming big’ can even make you more likely to accomplish your aim because it attracts attention, gravitates people toward you and helps get people on board. If you tell people you want to fly to space, you’ll get a lot more positive attention than if you tell people you want to climb Mount Snowdown (a pretty small mountain in Wales).

This is why another piece of advice that often gets thrown about is to ‘have visions, not goals’. Visions are abstract and they are grand. These are things you visualize and dream about, rather than things you write down and tick off. If you want to get into shape, then your goal can be to train three times a week, but your vision would be to become the best physical specimen you can – attractive to everyone and full of confidence and energy.

But while a vision can be as grand and extreme as you like, those smaller steps should still be small and they should be easy. At least at the very start these steps should be easy and this will then allow you to build towards your higher overarching objective. Think of this like a hierarchy. At the top, you have your grand vision for the future – something so exciting that it helps you to launch yourself out of bed in the morning.

Beneath that, you might have your ‘realistic’ version of what you can achieve with your current resources. Beneath that, you might have the steps you are taking every day to achieve it. The mistake a lot of people make is to clump all these things together and not to consider the necessary progression from one stage to the next. This is the reason that someone who has never been to the gym before, might well write themselves a new training program that requires them to train for an hour a day, seven days a week and to do this on a diet of 1,000 calories. They’ll then do stretching on top of that and start a yoga class.

Is it any wonder that we don’t tend to stick to these goals?

The problem really tends to boil down to impatience. People want to accomplish their goals now. They don’t want to put in the time or the repetitious work that it actually takes in order to get to that point. And they don’t want the uncertainty that after all that work, it may not pay off. But you need to change that thinking. Everything worth having comes with work and diligence and this is often highly repetitive and boring. If you want to get into shape, you need to train regularly and it takes years to get to a point where your new physique is impressive and ‘permanent’.

If you want to start your own business, well then there is a ton you need to learn before you even get going.
(Procrastinating on a goal is just as bad by the way though – which is another reason it is so important you have a concrete action plan!) Think of this like a computer game. Computer games begin with a few levels that are incredibly easy and this is necessary to prevent you as the player from rage quitting. Your goals should be the same – if your ‘level one’ is a massive boss battle, then you won’t be successful.

Lots of people get this wrong when they are taking up running for the first time. Here, they aim to start running long distances right away and losing weight. It’s grueling, painful and unrewarding and it leaves them gasping and achy for days after. What they should do is to to first focus on getting good at running and on learning to like running. So that means they should be running short distances, not running too fast, not running too far and generally not pushing themselves beyond a sensible point.

This way, they can gradually start to like running and they can gradually find themselves running further and further without even trying. And in fact, often it only takes small changes to get to the place you want to be. This is best exemplified by the Japanese notion of ‘Kaizen’. Kaizen essentially means ‘lots of small changes that build up to big results.

For instance, if you want to lose weight, then it might be easier to look at small changes you can make to get there, rather than massive ones:

  •  Walk from the bus stop before your destination on your commute
  •  Stop drinking calorific coffees in the morning
  •  Swap sugary soda drinks for still water as your main source of hydration
  •  Take your lunch snack out of your lunchbox
  •  Eat off of smaller plates

These are just a few small changes that should be easy enough for most people to stick to and yet they can be enough to really sway your calorie total in your favor – eventually leading to cumulative weight loss!

Closing Comments

As you can see then, learning to structure your goals correctly can make a big difference when it comes to your likelihood of accomplishing them. The key is to set your sights high, but to have concrete, small steps that you can take along the way in order to get there.Forget how long it is going to take, deal with it being ‘boring’ and just focus on repeating the same few actions every day until you eventually achieve the thing you want to achieve or become the person you want to become.
And if you assess the situation in a year and you still haven’t made the progress you’d hoped? Then perhaps you need to rethink those goals again. Like anything else, this takes time, practice and effort. But you’re not in any rush!

People should not feel that their ideas have all gone waste and are not being used. A positive mind set is what will help in keeping Kaizen alive in the organization. Thus, constant application of Kaizen creates huge long term value by developing the culture that is really needed for true continuous improvement.


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The Food Pyramid Chart (2022)

Food Pyramid


The Food Pyramid Chart(2022)

The recommended food pyramid chart provides a simple guide to establishing healthy eating habits. The food pyramid was originally established in the 1960s in response to the increase in heart disease, and to help people understand what it takes to stay healthy. There are several facets of the food pyramid chart, which help you to analyze what you are eating and what you need to change in order to maintain your healthy eating habits.

The base of the pyramid is the bread & grains group. There are a variety of different types of foods that fall into this category. According to this pyramid, a healthy diet contains six to eleven servings of a breads & grains per day. An example of a single serving would be half of a cup of rice, cereal or pasta or one slice of bread. Another thing to consider is the type of grain. The food pyramid chart recommends at least half of the bread & grains you consume are whole grain, such as whole wheat bread, brown rice, whole-wheat pasta, or oatmeal.

From here, various versions of the pyramid split. Some versions pyramids include fruit and vegetables in a single group, others split them into two groups. For the vegetable category, it is important to add two to three servings of vegetables to your daily diet. A serving generally consists of a cup of vegetables or vegetable juice. It is also key to eat a variety of different types of vegetables over the course of a week. The typical food pyramid groups vegetables into five groups:

* Dark green: such as broccoli and spinach.

* Orange: pumpkin and sweet potatoes

* Dry beans and peas: navy beans, kidney beans, lentils, tofu

* Starchy vegetables: corn, potatoes, green peas

* Other vegetables: cabbage, cucumbers, eggplant, tomatoes

(Note: While we have given examples of the members of each group, it is certainly not an exhaustive list)

With fruits, a cup of fruit or fruit juice, or a half-cup of dried fruit counts as a serving. Recommendations are one to two servings of fruit each day.

The next part of the food pyramid chart is the milk and dairy section. This group includes milk (including lactose-free), yogurt, cheese and other variations of this type of product. About three servings per day is the recommended amount. A typical serving of dairy would be a cup of milk or yogurt, 1 ounces of natural cheese or two ounces of processed cheese.

Next to last is the meat and beans group. This group contains meat, poultry, fish, eggs, nuts and dried beans. Choosing low-fat cuts of meat and poultry are key to a healthy diet. Five to six ounces of mean and beans each day is the recommended daily intake for this group.

The highest level of the food pyramid is the oils and fats level. While there are different types of oils and fats, this food group should be the smallest portion of a healthy diet. General recommendations are five to seven teaspoons of fats or oils per day; not very much. An ounce of nuts, such as peanuts or almonds, contains three teaspoons of oil. A tablespoon of mayonnaise contains about two and a half teaspoons.

The food pyramid can provide excellent guidelines to ensure that your meals will be more balanced and nutritious. Though the number of servings in each group will vary based on your age, body type, activity level and other individual needs, the food pyramid chart can help you on your way to developing a pattern of healthy eating.

All of us need to plan our food pyramid chart. This article can help you with some useful suggestion on building up your own food pyramid. You also need to do daily exercises and undertake proper weight control measures. A proper food pyramid is the best way as to how you can maintain a balanced healthy diet.

1) Whole Grains Foods: Whole grain foods are healthy foods. Experts have revealed that a person must consume around six servings of whole grain foods per day. Whole grains are considered to be the best source of carbohydrates for our body. Milling removes most nutrition part of the grain.

2) Fruits and Vegetables: Fruits and Vegetables contain the greatest amount of nutrients per calorie of any food. Every person needs to consume different types of fruits and vegetables in order to stay healthy. Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables prevents dreadful diseases like cancer, heart diseases, blood pressure, intestinal ailments and so on.

3) Fiber: Fiber helps to reduce the risk of certain type of cancer diseases and also lowers the level of cholesterol. Fiber controls the amount of calorie intake and also helps to reduce the weight of a person.

4) Eggs and Fish: Eggs and fish contain large amounts of proteins, Vitamin B, lecithin and choline. Regular consumption of egg improves the health of a person. Eggs are said to be high in cholesterol but low in fats. Fish helps to reduce the risk of heart diseases in a person.

5) Strawberries: They have lots of fiber and vitamins C. Their flavonoids play an important role in strengthening blood vessels and acts as strong antioxidants.

6) Alcohol: Alcohol also acts as healthy food if it is consumed in small quantities. Low volume of alcohol reduces the chances of heart diseases. It also helps to reduce the level of cholesterol by its flavonoids. It is very important to have moderate quantity of alcohol as it has both risk as well as benefits.

7) Nuts and Legumes: Nuts and Legumes contain large amounts of proteins, fiber, vitamins and minerals.


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How to Lose 2 Pounds A Week (Fast)

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Easy Fat Killer Technique How to Lose 2 Pounds a Week

Cardio Workout

The word “cardio” is short for “cardiovascular”. Cardio workout is endurance exercise that strengthens the circulatory system consisting of the heart and blood vessels in your body. People “do cardio” over long stretches of time as it makes the heart beat faster and pumps more blood through your system, bringing nutrients and oxygen to every cell.

Cardio workout can be simply explained as physical exercise of low to high intensity that depends on the aerobic energy-generating process of the exercise you do. It’s any activity that gets your heart rate raised to 50 – 75% of your maximum heart rate. Calculate your maximum with the formula 220 minus your age. For example, if you’re 25 years old, 220 – 25 = 195.

Cardio workout burns calories in your body. Most people do cardio training to lose weight, up to two pounds a week, gain body mass, train stamina, etc. There are different intensities cardio exercises. Low or moderate-intensity exercise normally leaves you feeling slightly breathless but still able to comfortably talk to someone. Low-intensity exercises include walking, swimming, or cycling.

On the other hand, high-intensity exercises will leave you speaking in short sentences as you sweat and breathe rapidly. High-intensity exercises include running, sprinting, aerobic classes like zumba, or circuit training. It is commonly believed that long, slow, and low-intensity cardio is best for fat loss, as it utilizes aerobic exercises that burn fat during exercise. While some finds high-intensity cardio more effective for fat loss as it burns higher amount of overall fat.


So the question is, how to lose 2 pounds a week?

The short answer is that the best type of cardio, whether low or high intensity, is the one you will do consistently over time. The optimal plan is to start at lower intensity if you are new to cardio and slowly work your way to higher intensities as your endurance and cardio respiratory work capacity improve.

Reason is because beginners doing HI training are highly prone to body burnout due to continuous hardcore training that causes strains towards your body especially your muscles and joints. Burnout will leave you feeling extremely tired, cranky, exhausted, and too worn out to stick with your routine.


Low-Intensity (LI) or High-Intensity (HI)?

Best Of Both Worlds

If you are a beginner, try interval training. Warm-up at a low intensity, and alternate one minute of high intensity with a one minute low (or you can call it recovery) intensity. As you progress, you can then start to either increase the intensity and duration of the high intensity part or decrease the duration of the low intensity part. By doing so, you will be able to burn more calories during the workout at higher intensity.Remember that losing fat is about burning more calories that we consume over time.


Combining both LI and HI will contribute to hitting your weight loss goals faster

Remember to progress slowly with baby steps though. Doing too much too soon can lead to injury or burn out, which can take you out of the game.


The Advantages

Low Intensity Cardio

  • Good for beginners to develop abase
  • Good for injured & rehab
  • Good for recovery from intense training or over training
  • Good for stress reduction, & de- cluttering the mind
  • Easy to do with little training or coaching

High Intensity Interval Cardio

  • Time efficient (two or three 45 minute sessions per week is all that is needed)
  • Makes heart & lungs bigger & morepowerful
  • Less risk of heart problems
  • Builds functional & real strength that allow you to be powerful in real world situations
  • Changes the way your body stores food
  • Burns more fat

Advanced Tips: Try HIIT!

Doing short bursts of Maximum intensity exercise, followed by a minute of low intensity intervals. Example: Sprint 20 seconds as fast as you possibly can, then jog for 40-60seconds. Repeat for 8-10 sets. Studies show that HIIT is optimal for fat loss and avoid muscle wastage from long duration of cardio workout. Plus, HIIT can be done less than 15 minutes! Talk about save time and fat blasting. HIIT is the BEST in every aspect.

Types Of Exercises


  • Brisk walk
  • Stretching routine
  • Yoga
  • Swimming
  • Simple household chores: vacuuming, mopping, yard work, washing the car


  • Speed walking
  • Cycling
  • •Basically up-levelling any low-intensity exercise by a notch will simply work as a moderate – intensity workout


  • Aerobic exercises
  • Jump rope
  • High speed running/jogging
  • Push up
  • Jumping Jack

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I Feel Fat (Why are You Fat)

Why Are You Fat? (I Feel Fat)

Every time you look into the mirror, you say  “I feel fat” and you might be wondering why people out there are having a nice summer body with full confidence while you are still struggling with your recent-up-sized t-shirt. You might even be wondering, are you going to be like them one day?  Is there any chance for you to change?  Of course there is. However, summer body doesn’t come with ease.

Many work their butt off to attain their dream body. But, what is important is, even though “I feel fat” you are healthy from the inside out. When I say fat burn, the first thing that comes into your mind is exercise. Yes, of course you need to exercise to have a nice summer body. But, do you know that our eating habit affects our body the most? Have you ever heard that weight loss is 80% Diet, 20% Exercise? I beg to differ.

Diet can actually make up as much as 90-99% of your weight loss journey. The MAIN reason why you feel fat is because of your lifestyle! Having an unhealthy lifestyle not only slows down your metabolism but also brings you chronic diseases. With a slow metabolic system, you can even gain weight by only drinking water! This is also the reason why some people slim down at a very slow rate but gain all the weight back in one night.

Slimming down is good, but slimming down healthily is the key point here. We want you to look into your health first instead of focusing on all the crazy diet plans and exercise regimes.


Fat Burn Secrets 1: Fat-shedding Diet Secret

Fat Facts

So what exactly is fat? Fat is made up of building blocks called fatty acids and these are classified as saturated, monounsaturated or polyunsaturated depending on their chemical structure. Fat is essential to human life, we all need fat in our diets. For years, nutritionists and doctors have preached that a low-fat diet is the key to losing weight and preventing health problems.

However, not all fat is the same. Our body requires small amounts of ‘good fat’ to function and help prevent disease. However, most of the ‘modern’ food contains a lot more fat than the body needs. Too much fat, especially too much of the wrong type of fat could be detrimental to our health causing serious health problems such as higher blood pressure and cholesterol levels, obesity, which in turn lead to a greater risk of heart disease.

So, it is significant to know what types of fat should we be cutting back on.


Good Fats VS Bad Fats

We are constantly being told that “Fats are bad”, and many will spend lots of time and money to completely rid their diet of fat. The truth is, we need fats. Fats help in nerve transmission, nutrient absorption, maintaining cell membrane integrity etc. Simply said, fat is actually necessary for you to lose weight. However, when consumed in excess amount, it can increase your risk for a number of health threats. The key is to replace bad fats with good fats in our diet.


Good fats

Good fat is sometimes called unsaturated fat. The types of potentially helpful dietary fat are mostly unsaturated. Unsaturated fat comes in two forms: monounsaturated polyunsaturated .


Monounsaturated fats

This is a type of fat found in a variety of food and oils. You can get it from:

  • Nuts walnuts andpistachiosincluding almonds, peanuts, cashew, macadamia,
  • Avocado
  • Canola
  • Olive oil

The most well-documented benefit of consuming monounsaturated fats is the potential for keeping your heart healthy. It improves blood cholesterol levels, which can decrease your risk of heart disease. Research also shows that these fatty acids may benefit insulin levels and blood sugar control, which can be especially helpful if you have type-2 diabetes.

Not just that, studies have also found that switching to monounsaturated fat from diets rich with trans fats and polyunsaturated fats results in significant weight loss. Yes, both consume SAME amount of fats in their diet, but end up with DIFFERENT results! The key here is the type of fats you’re consuming on daily basis.


Polyunsaturated fats

There are two types of polyunsaturated fat omega-3 and omega-6: . These are also known as essential fatty acids. Our body can’t produce essential fatty acids on it’s own, so we need to get them from food.


Omega- 3 Omega-3 is a type of polyunsaturated fat. You can get it from:

  • Legumes
  • Soy food
  • Tuna, salmon and mackerel
  • Green leafy vegetables
  • Walnuts, other nuts and flaxseed

Babies can also get omega-3 from breastmilk. It promotes brain health during pregnancy and early life. Omega-3 helps a baby’s brain and eye development in the womb and during the first six months of life. It has a great impact on children’s learning and behavior. As for adults, omega-3 can be good for rheumatoid arthritis, pain relief, morning stiffness and inflammation. It can also protect adults from heart disease.


Omega-6Omega-6 is a type of polyunsaturated fat. You can get it from:

  • Vegetable oils like sunflower
  • Evening primrose oil
  • Peanut
  • Canola
  • Cereals

Omega 6 plays an important role in cell growth, and is thus essential for brain and muscle development. The omega-6 arachidonic acid (AA) is for this very reason added to most infant formulas. Both brain development and muscle development are critical for infants.

The growth benefits of omega 6 also explain the great interest that body builders and top athletes have in omega 6 consumption. Omega-6, particularly gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), is linked to increased bone density and reduced bone loss and it helps to promote hair growth and supports skin health. Omega-6 has an anti-inflammatory affect on our skin, soothing irritated skin.


Bad fats

There are two main types of potentially harmful dietary fat: Saturated Fat and Trans Fat (i)Saturated fatYou get saturated fat from:

  • Animal products such as meat fat
  • Full-fat dairy products such as butter and cream
  • Palm and coconut oil in processed food such as biscuits, chips & slices

Saturated fat has no known health benefits. A high intake of disadvantageous saturated and trans fats can lead to elevated low-density lipoprotein, or LDL, cholesterol levels, which may increase your risk of developing heart disease.These fats may also contribute to obesity, diabetes and cancer.


Trans fatTrans fat is sometimes used in:

  • Commercially-made cakes and biscuits
  • Takeaway food
  • Energy bars
  • Ready-made meals
  • Snack food like chips

Trans fats can increase harmful low-density-lipoprotein cholesterol, while decreasing good high-density-lipoprotein cholesterol. In turn, this can increase your risk of cardiovascular disease. Furthermore, it has been associated with the development of type-2 diabetes.


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What is Successfulness (or what is Success)?

What are Successful Habits (or what is Successfulness)?

Before you can start the journey towards being successful and begin building habits that move you along that road, you need to understand what success is. Most people only have a vague idea of successfulness. This prevents them from actually becoming successful because they don’t know where they are going.

It’s like getting in your car and jumping onto the interstate with a full tank of gas, trying to drive to the perfect vacation spot. Odds are, you aren’t going to stumble onto it by accident. You need a destination in mind, and you need a map to get you there.

That’s exactly what this article is designed to be for you – both a way to identify your destination (sort of) and a road map to show you exactly how to get there. But in order to start the journey, you first need to understand what success is, and specifically, what successful habits actually are.


The Definition of Successfulness

The reason that people have problems becoming successful is that they have not figured out exactly what it means to be it. That’s why defining successfulness is the first step in achieving it. The problem is, success isn’t really a destination. Success is actually a journey with stops along the way. Those stops are definitely the destinations that you want to arrive at, but there is no “final destination” that you will get to where you will finally be happy. When it comes to being successful and happy, the only way to achieve it is to be constantly moving towards your goals.

For example, suppose that you have the goal of financial freedom – being wealthy enough to afford some of the finer things in life. You may want to eat out at better restaurants instead of places like Chili’s or Applebees (or fast food). Once you have created enough wealth to be able to afford restaurants where the bill always comes to at least $100, you are still not going to be satisfied.

You are going to want more, and that’s okay. You set another goal – a higher goal – of being able to attend charity dinners where the price of a plate is over $1000. Your happiness isn’t dependent upon the actual reaching of that goal – it is based upon your hard work and your sense of accomplishment from achieving that goal.

The bottom line is that your definition of successfulness should never be a specific destination, even though you should always be working towards that end, but it should instead be defined as being on the path to get the things that you want, one at a time, and continuing to improve yourself and inspiring yourself to reach more and more goals.


The Definition of Successful Habits

That brings us to the framework for those goals that you want to achieve – your habits for success. The habits that you will be teaching yourself will result in the success you desire. Habits for success are clearly defined, well thought out and designed to take you to the goals that you have set for yourself.

In order to understand what a habit for success is completely, you are going to have to set some goals first. But for demonstration purposes, in order to define habits for success, we will be using some example goals. In fact, we will be using three different examples because it can be difficult to understand how to identify the successful habit underneath the goal if the example is too unlike whatever you are trying to achieve.


Example One: The Weight Loss Goal

Our first goal is going to be weight loss. This may or may not be one of your specific goals, but getting healthy, losing weight and reducing the risk for heart attack, stroke, diabetes and other health problems is definitely one of the most common ones out there.

If you have a habit of eating unhealthy foods and avoiding the gym, you are not alone. When age 50 starts to creep up on people, their health becomes a primary concern. So, suppose that the goal that you have set for yourself is to lose 30 pounds and eat healthier. You don’t want to set goals or develop habits that are negatives. You want to create positive habits instead.

The reason for this is simple: when you try to change bad habits, you are taking something away from yourself – something you very likely enjoy. Instead, form good habits that will automatically replace the bad habits. That way, you are giving yourself something good and not taking anything away – at least in your mind. The difference is subtle but it really will make a difference.

So, when it comes to identifying habits for success for this example, let’s start with what you don’t want to do.


Habits to Change (Negatives)

  • Stop eating so much junk food
  • Stop watching so much evening TV
  • Quit going to all-you-can-eat buffets
  • Lay off soda

See how all of those are taking something away from your life? You are removing things that you enjoy and that’s just depressing. It will be very difficult to motivate yourself to change your habits because you feel as if you are giving up lots of stuff that you enjoy. But let’s change those habits slightly and make them positive.


Habits to Add (Positives)

  • Start eating a piece of fruit every day
  • Spend 30 minutes in the evening taking a casual stroll
  • Start eating at nicer restaurants with a healthier menu
  • Start drinking more water (flavored if desired)

Can you see how much of a difference this makes? When you are choosing new habits or trying to break old ones, you want to make sure that you are giving yourself something instead of taking it away. Even though you know somewhere inside that it is basically the same action, you can fool your brain into being more motivated this way.



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Biggest Loser Diet (TV Show)



The Biggest Loser Diet: What You Need To Know

Almost everyone in America is familiar with the television weight-loss show The Biggest Loser. Many people may not be familiar with their diet program. This article will give you the 411 on everything you need to know about The Biggest Loser Diet.

Follows A Diet Protocol

The Biggest Loser Diet follows a specific diet protocol that they call “The Biggest Loser’s 4-3-2-1 Pyramid. This pyramid allows a participant four servings of fruits and vegetables, three lean protein servings, two whole grain servings and one discretionary calorie allotment of 200 calories.

They also want you eating 5-6 times per day. The theory that The Biggest Loser proposes is that you will keep your hunger and blood sugar level by eating frequently.

On this diet, you will avoid caffeine (coffee drinkers may want to stay away from this one). However, you are required to drink 6 – 8 glasses of water a day.

The Good Points

We have to give it to The Biggest Loser they really are putting an emphasis on healthy servings of fruits and vegetables. Allowing four servings of each will help keep you full and gives you plenty of vitamins and minerals.

The Not So Good

 The Biggest Loser program stays away from fat. All the protein is lean. While this may be great for someone who is required to be on a very low-fat diet, such as those with high cholesterol or heart disease, many people may find the absence of fat hard to deal with. Fat increases satiety in those who are dieting especially when it comes from good sources like cold-water fish, nuts, avocados, and wild game.

In addition to being a very low-fat diet, this diet can cause you to dip below the 1200 calorie range on any given day. Eating below 1200 calories can cause nutrient deficiencies and even end up interfering with weight loss as the body may respond to perceived starvation, and react by hording calories.

Will I Have To Exercise?

Absolutely. Exercise has always been a big part of The Biggest Loser brand, and they did not leave it out of their diet protocol either. The exercise can become problematic for those who end up eating on the low end of the calorie range, as you may not have enough fuel to run your body.

Consult a doctor for a recommended weight loss calorie target before eating under 1200 calories when exercising.

Is It Hard?

The hardest part about this diet protocol is the simple lack of calories. Some people may find themselves unsatisfied because of the lack of fat and the lack of caloric intake. When the body goes unsatisfied for long periods of time, you may end up overindulging (even when you didn’t mean to.)

If you like to eat frequently then this diet is right up your alley. The frequency that people are allowed to eat on The Biggest Loser Diet may make up for the lack of caloric intake and the lack of fat consumption.

For the average person, this diet is going to be difficult to maintain over a long term. If you enjoy the support offered up by The Biggest Loser program, then you may just need to increase your servings of grains and proteins until you get to a more realistic weight loss calorie intake.

Does It Work?

Absolutely. If you follow the protocol set forth by The Biggest Loser, you will lose weight. It is a hard program to follow that requires high levels of exercise and low amounts of calories. Because of the combination of exercise and low caloric intake, you are sure to drop weight.

Don’t be surprised though if you fail to lose weight as those on the television show do, and actually, such rapid weight loss is not typically recommended by experts, slow and steady ensure success for lasting weight loss control. Stick with your healthy eating and exercise and you will soon be on your way to a healthy weight.



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Is it Possible to Gain 10 Pounds in a Week


Is it Possible to Gain 10 Pounds in a Week

Scary Results From Eating Too Much Protein

According to statistics, most individuals in the US take in 3-5 times more protein than they need. An ideal protein intake is about 0.5 grams (500 mg) of protein per pound of lean body mass. This calculates to about 40-70 grams of protein per day. While high protein diets are extremely popular, eating excessive amounts of protein can be damaging to your health. It is possible to gain 10 pounds in a week by over eating too much protein.


The Dangers Of Eating Too Much Protein

If you eat more protein than your body really can use can cause problems with your overall health and fitness in several ways.

Too much protein can lead to these health issues:

  • Increased blood sugar

  • Weight gain

  • Too much body fat

  • Stress on your kidneys, which must get rid of excess protein

  • Loss of minerals from your bones

  • Dehydration

  • Cancer cell stimulation

That being said, you need to know that your body cannot live without protein. While some amino acids can be made by the body, several essential amino acids cannot be made by the body tissues but must be taken in through food sources. Your amino acids are what make the protein that helps grow muscle, bony tissue, enzymes, and several hormones your body needs to survive.

Your body processes protein less efficiently as you age so that eating enough high quality protein becomes more important. You also need more protein during pregnancy so the fetus can use that protein in order to grow. Regular people who are not aging or pregnant can stick to eating 40-70 grams of protein daily as suggested.

There is an upper limit as to how much protein your body has the ability to make use of. We eat, on average, much more protein than our bodies need as well as too much carbohydrate-containing foods and not enough foods high in healthy fat.

Part of the problem is that the consumption of meat has risen to a great degree in the last century. Most of this meat is not high quality meat and comes from animal farms where animals are fed grains that have been genetically altered instead of grass in a pasture. You should eat meat that has been pasture-fed but even this can lead to protein excesses in the body.


What Protein Does In Your Body

When you eat protein, your body takes what it needs and converts all of the rest of it into sugar and finally into fat. When your blood sugar levels are increased from eating too much protein, you put yourself at risk of getting infections by yeast (called Candidiasis) and pathogenic bacteria. The growth of cancer cells is stimulated by the excesses of sugar and fat in your body.

There is a biochemical pathway known as the mammalian target of rapamycin that is stimulated by having too much protein in your system. This pathway plays a role in cancer formation. In order to avoid stimulating the pathway, you need to keep your protein levels to the proper amounts.

Eating too much protein causes stress on the kidneys. The kidneys are responsible for removing the nitrogenous waste products in the bloodstream and when there is too much protein, both the excess protein and water is lost through the kidneys, resulting in dehydration. This was proven in a research study that involved athletes who engaged in endurance sports.


Less Protein May Prolong Your Life

There have been recent research studies that relate to calorie restriction and longevity. In particular, restriction of protein intake leads to a longer life, particularly restriction of the amino acid known as methionine. This is found in high levels in meats. Other research indicates that the balance of amino acids might be the most important factor in gaining a long life.


Calculating The Amount Of Protein You Need

You need to know exactly how much protein you need to consume in order to be healthy. It can be calculated as taking in 500 mg of protein per pound of lean body mass or about 40-60 grams of protein daily. If you are excessively exercising or are pregnant, you need to take in about 25 percent more than that.

You also need to remember that a serving of protein is about the size of one deck of cards. Then you need to estimate the amount of protein you need. Your lean body mass is your percent body fat subtracted from a hundred. Make that into a percentage and multiply that by your total weight in pounds. Multiply that number into 0.5 grams per pound to get your protein requirement for the day.


What Foods To Eat

To get the protein you need, but not too much, choose protein found in eggs, dairy products, meat, fish, legumes, seeds, and nuts. Forty grams of protein isn’t really very much: about two hamburger patties. You do not need to be a vegetarian to avoid eating too much protein. Read food labels and look up the amount of protein in the foods you are eating. If you are eating too much, just adjust your diet so you are eating the right amount of protein.



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Why is it So Easy to Gain Weight (How to Stop)

Why is it So Easy to Gain Weight


Weight gain is not something that happens for a single reason. In fact, most people gain excess weight because of a combination of factors that slowly build up over time and affect their diet, exercise, and lifestyle choices. Here is why it is so easy to gain weight, these are just a few of the many factors that can influence your weight.

• Stress:    When you have elevated levels of stress in your life, your body releases large quantities of cortisol and other stress hormones that are produced to help you respond to threats and other dangers. These hormones can trigger food cravings, hunger, and other symptoms that make it more likely that you will overeat.

• Hormones:    In addition to stress hormones, other chemical messengers in your body signal hunger, thirst, and cravings for specific foods. When these hormones fluctuate or are produced at excessive levels, you can feel like you need something even when you do not.

• Other medical conditions:    You may have other medical conditions that interfere with your metabolism, your ability to burn excess fat, your ability to absorb nutrients, or other processes that influence your overall weight. Some medications taken for other illnesses can also cause weight gain.

• Genetics:    If you have a family history of obesity, you are more likely to be obese yourself. If you learned poor nutritional habits as a very young child, these are often extremely hard to change as you age.

Mental health issues:    Those with depression and anxiety are more likely also to be overweight. Battling mental health issues raises stress, can lead to overeating or disordered eating and may contribute to dysfunctional body images.

• Food addiction:    While some people struggle with dependency on alcohol or other drugs to soothe their emotions, others rely on food for this purpose. Food addiction is more common than most people realize and can contribute to patterns of behavior that lead to weight gain.

• Food availability:    The types of foods that are readily available in your area, as well as what you can afford to eat, play a key role in your weight. Food deserts are common in many regions of the US, where the only food available is heavily processed and high in calories but lacking in nutrients. Eating high concentrations of sugars and fats is going to lead to weight gain.

• Your age:    As we age, our metabolism often slows, and we require less food to fuel our dietary needs, yet we continue to eat the same amount. This slowly leads to weight gain in our later years.

• Cultural and family habits:    How and what you learn to eat as a child is very persuasive. Eating is a significant component of family gatherings, rituals, and rites of passage, too. Whether your family is active together will also inform your habits later in life.

• Sleep:    Those who do not get enough sleep are much more likely to gain weight.

Wow!   That is a lot of things happening. Weight gain, as you can see, is not just about one single thing. That means changing just one thing in your life is not likely to result in successful weight loss that lasts. And addressing only one piece of the puzzle will not help you develop the habits of mind and body that can lead to improved health over time.
Since weight gain is a holistic problem, it only makes sense that weight loss needs to be a comprehensive solution. Alternative medicine is one such way to address many of the factors that can lead to weight gain without causing harm to your overall well-being.


How Alternative Medicine Can Improve Weight Loss

Alternative medicine takes a more holistic approach to healing and wellness than conventional medicine does. Holistic healing aims to treat the whole person by addressing all the causes of a problem, not just looking solely at the symptoms and devising ways to manage those.
Those who use a holistic approach to weight loss, one that addresses all the factors that have led them to being overweight, are much more likely to enjoy weight loss that is successful as well as long-term.

By addressing the comprehensive causes of your weight loss, holistic approaches that use alternative practices can help you achieve a healthier weight while also addressing the reasons why you gained weight to start with.

Your weight gain is a symptom. It is a symptom of your overstressed lifestyle, of the combination of genetics and learned behaviors, of your lack of sleep and hormonal imbalances, of your untreated mental health problems and its impact on your sleep, stress, hormones, and other factors. It is a multidimensional challenge that requires a multifaceted solution.

Enter alternative medicine. Through practices that are designed to promote wellness, not just physical health, you can learn to treat the underlying causes of your weight gain.
Alternative methods often focus on healing the mind and soul as well as the body, which are significant influences of your diet and lifestyle choices. Because alternative practices concentrate on treating the whole body, you can enjoy better health and lower weight that lasts for years to come.


Alternative Medicine Practices for Effective Weight tentative Medicine Practices for Effective Weight Loss.

The alternative practices listed below can be effective for helping people to lose weight and keep it off effectively. These strategies must be combined with a nutritious diet that is healthy and made of appropriate portions as well as regular activity.



Meditation is a helpful alternative practice for many reasons. Through meditation, you can learn to be more mindful in your life. Mindfulness makes you more aware of your emotions and how they affect your choices. It also helps you to release negative emotions and stress that can be impacting how you choose to nourish yourself.
Those who meditate can learn to control their impulses to binge and to help everyone notice how food makes them feel and if they are genuinely hungry or experiencing some other emotion.
Becoming more mindful helps in many areas of your life, particularly in learning how to overcome issues with food, mental health problems, and other factors that influence weight loss and gain.



For thousands of years, the Chinese have been practicing acupuncture. This practice involves inserting extremely fine needles at strategic locations on the body, along lines of energy. By unblocking these points with the needles, your natural energy can flow, and you feel more balanced.
The points at which the needles are inserted are often near or along nerve channels, and the stimulation of these nerves by the needles increases circulation, releases feel-good hormones, and causes the body to relax. The ultimate effect of acupuncture is to reduce stress, to improve many different medical conditions that can cause weight gain, and to improve your sleep.

All these effects can be positive influences on the factors that influence your weight and health. If you have pain that is causing you to shun exercise or to self-medicate with food, acupuncture can help to relieve that pain and allow you to lead a healthier life.



Your mental attitude and disposition about yourself play a significant role in your choices and actions. The more you can see yourself as a healthy, thinner person, the more likely you are to make choices that help you to attain that goal. Visualization can be a powerful alternative practice that leads to a shift in your mindset, which can then help you to lose weight and keep it off.
Visualization also helps you to remember why you want to lose weight because you can see yourself living the life you want when you are able to enjoy all the activities you long to do.



Changing your habits is crucial to improving your actions, but you may have some long-held beliefs about food or yourself that are interfering with your efforts to lose weight.
Hypnosis is an effective strategy for introducing suggestions that can help you make better choices and to change your habits to ones that can lead to permanent weight loss. Hypnosis works for some people but not for everyone, but it can be an effective tool that helps you retrain your brain in how you think about food, exercise, or other lifestyle choices that are impacting your weight.


Exercise and Physical Activity

Getting enough daily exercise and activity is crucial to your weight loss for several reasons and is considered to be a holistic strategy for losing weight. Not only does moving your body help you to burn more calories but exercise also helps you to regulate your hormones, reduce your stress, sleep better, use insulin more effectively, and improve your mental health.
By addressing many of the significant causes of weight loss, exercise can be an effective tool in your weight loss arsenal in ways that have little to do with burning calories.


Final Thoughts

Other options for alternative practices to enhance weight loss abound. Natural dietary supplements can improve your digestive health, which enables you to absorb nutrients more readily. Some supplements can give you more energy, which may strengthen your motivation to exercise, as well.
Practices like yoga and tai chi are not only physical activities that improve your strength, but they also reduce stress and teach you mindfulness strategies. Other forms of meditation, including walking meditation and meditative movement, are great for focusing on mental as well as physical health.
Using alternative practices to boost your weight loss efforts may not only help you take off more weight, but engaging in these habits can also help you learn to keep your new habits long-term, which can lead to keeping the weight off in the future.
The more you can address the issues that led to your weight gain, the more you will be able to lose weight successfully and maintain that loss in the future.



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Are Olives Keto Friendly (Is Crab Keto)

Are olives keto, are olives keto friendly, are crab legs keto?

These questions can stump even the most devoted followers of a ketogenic diet. The ketogenic diet is an eating plan based around high fat and low carb, commonly called Keto. Keto brings rapid weight loss without hunger or deprivation and it’s also been proven to cause hunger-free weight loss, even when you haven’t lost any actual weight. There have been many studies conducted on this subject to prove that the Ketogenic Diet is an extremely healthy diet plan for humans, particularly for those that suffer from obesity and diabetes. But how does this all relate to olives? If you are on a ketogenic diet you cannot eat more

The Ketogenic diet is the most effective way to lose weight, but it often comes with a side of confusion. Which olives are keto, which seafood can I eat on keto, and what are the best keto-friendly crab legs?Are Olives Keto We’re here to take a sip and tell you the truth about olives!

Protein, fats and oils with no refined carbohydrates. That’s the promise of the ketogenic diet, but there are lots of gray areas in keto foods―which can lead to some confusion. Do crab legs fit into a keto diet? Is salmon a keto food? How about olives, eggs, avocados and peanut butter? In this helpful guide to the Keto Diet, we’ll clear up some of these common questions about which foods you should eat―and which ones you should skip for the keto diet.

Are Olives Keto

Yes, Olives are an important ingredient of the Keto diet and its health benefits are well known. When following such a diet it is recommended to cook meals with extra virgin olive oil, which is rich in unsaturated fats, monounsaturated fats (omega 9) and polyunsaturated fats (omega 6). You can replace butter, margarine or oils rich in saturated fats (vegetable, palm or coconut) with olive oil.

Types of Olives:

Green, Black, Greek Kalamata, Italian Cured, Spanish, Picholine, and so many more


Olives Keto

Is Crab Keto


Yes, crab is keto. As long as you’re choosing good quality keto crab.

Crab meat is very high in protein and low in carbs. In addition, it’s rich in omega-3 fatty acids , an important nutrient when following the keto diet . Research indicates that these healthy fats might enhance metabolism and promote weight loss. Crab is also loaded with other important nutrients like iron and zinc, as well as its high levels of B12. It’s up to you whether or not you wish to consume shellfish while on the keto diet , but it’s definitely something worth considering if you want to diversify your fish consumption.

With so many ways to use crab in keto recipes, the issue is finding ones that are quick and easy. With simple ingredients and delicious taste, these recipes should satisfy your craving for seafood even when you’re on a low carb diet.

When you’re on the keto diet, you have to make sure that you have enough food to eat at all times and that it fits your macronutrient goals. You also need to be careful about which food choices you make so you don’t accidentally consume too many carbohydrates. Crab meat is one of the better choices out there if you want to stay on track with your keto diet. That’s because crab meat is tasty and contains a lot of nutrients, but it also only contains a small amount of carbohydrates in each serving size.

Keto Crab Recipe

Keto crab recipes are great because they are easy to make, very tasty and you can enjoy them on a budget. Crab meat is also very healthy, a great source of fat and protein, and it is also much better for you than other types of meat that are usually consumed. Description:The best way to prepare crab for keto recipes is simply by using a steamer. This method is quick, easy and you won’t lose any nutrients in the process. After steaming the crab for about 10 minutes, allow it to cool down a bit before adding any ingredients or eating it. Make sure you use good quality crab meat so the flavor comes out! Ingredients: 1 lb of crab meat (use fresh or canned) 1 tbsp of garlic 1 tbsp of paprika powder (smoked or regular) Instructions: Start by mixing all the ingredients together in a bowl, then add them to the cooked crab meat. Mix everything well until the flavor comes out and your crab becomes reddish in color. You can add salt if needed, but this should only be done at the end because adding too much salt can ruin the flavor. Add some lime juice if you want to give this recipe a more Mediterranean feel!

The keto diet is a high-fat, moderate-protein and very low-carb diet. It pushes the body into a metabolic state called ketosis. The goal is to get your body to rely on fat rather than carbohydrates for energy. In doing so, you are able to burn fat instead of sugar, which results in weight loss.

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